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Leaflet distribution tracking and how it works

The absolute majority of London businesses that focus on serving their local area have been using leaflet distribution as one of their main marketing techniques for decades.

The approach to leaflet distribution has however changed a fair amount over the years. The quality of deliveries and whether they’ve actually taken place used to be the biggest concern.

This is not the case anymore. Let’s have a look at leaflet distribution tracking and how it works in London.

Leaflet distribution tracking and how it works
Leaflet distribution tracking and how it works


We at The Private Postman were the first company in the industry to adopt GPS tracking fully.

We’ve been operating with a fully integrated GPS system since 2009 when this technique was not at all common.

The way GPS tracking works is as follows. Each distributor carries a GPS tracker whenever they are delivering your leaflets anywhere in London. These trackers record pretty much every step each distributor takes.

At the end of the week we collect the GPS devices and download the information that has been recorded. This data is then superimposed over a Google Maps like system and it provides us with a high resolution record of each delivery.

These files are checked on our end for any discrepancies or issues to be flagged up in our system and cross checked with our spot-checking team (more on this late). They are also sent to you and act as a proof of delivery.

When we talk about leaflet distribution tracking and how it works we have to start with GPS and how it can put you at ease that all your leaflets have been delivered.

Leaflet distribution tracking and how it works

Live Tracking

At The Private Postman we also run a live tracking system. Every time a distributor starts their round of deliveries our system let’s us know exactly where, who and when has started distributing.

This information is also shared with you in real time. What this effectively means is that any of our clients can come see their leaflets being delivered unannounced at any time.

This can act as a great tool for our clients to make sure that everything is running as smoothly as they would want and it also shows the absolute confidence we have in our system and workers.

Leaflet distribution tracking and how it works

Spot checking

Leaflet distribution tracking and how it works
Spot checking is the oldest method of leaflet distribution tracking in London and is still important and effective.

Spot checks are conducted by supervisors on scooters moving through each distribution area and checking that all deliveries are being done properly.

This system is reinforced by our live tracking as our supervisors are informed about each delivery round taking place.

They can then backtrack the trail of a distributor and check that all leaflet were delivered according to our standards.

The Private Postman runs all three tracking methods described above at the same time. It is the most comprehensive methodology in the industry and we hope that it reinforces the confidence our clients have in us.

Hopefully this blog about leaflet distribution tracking and how it works has been helpful. If you have any questions or if you’d like to book a leaflet distribution campaign in London please feel free to get in touch with us here.

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