Leaflet distribution for restaurants in Tier 4 Part 3

Leaflet distribution for restaurants in Tier 4 Part 3

In part 2 of leaflet distribution for restaurants in tier 4 we discussed many of the intricacies of leaflet design and how this process should be approached.

Today we'll talk about where in London you should have your leaflets delivered and whether a single delivery is enough or if your leaflets should find their way through people's letterboxes more often.

Leaflet distribution for restaurants in Tier 4 Part 3

Local area?

Leaflet distribution for restaurants in Tier 4 Part 3

When people ask us where in London should they run their leaflet distribution we always say. Your local area. But what is this?

For many businesses this is simply the part of London you can comfortably walk to from the businesses' address. Sometimes this will include geographically more remote parts of London that are easily accessible via public transport as well.

For restaurants however this will generally mean the area that can be covered by the delivery team or delivery app within a reasonably time frame without the food going cold.

When you are deciding what this is make sure that you don't simply put a radius around your location and accept the result as more than directionally correct.

When calculating how far your drivers can go focus on the traffic connections and don't forget that there is much less traffic during the restrictions that are in place now. You might be able to expand your delivery area thanks to this.

Leaflet distribution for restaurants in Tier 4 Part 3

Deliver once or more often?

Leaflet distribution for restaurants in Tier 4 Part 3

The oldschool approach to leaflet distribution in London used to be that a restaurant or a company would run a single leaflet distribution campaign once a year. They would through 250,000 leaflets out there every 12 months and see what the results are.

This can't be the approach to leaflet distribution for restaurants in Tier 4 in 2020 and 2021. Repeated deliveries have become the standard in recent years and targeting the same households repeatedly is one of the most effective things one can do when hoping to get more customers.

How many times?

Delivering systematically to hundreds of thousands of households repeatedly and without issues all over London didn't use to be possible. Only with the introduction of modern tracking techniques and technologies in logistics this can now be used widely.

What this means in practice is that your leaflets should be hitting the same households repeatedly with well pre-defined time intervals.

We generally advise 3weeks between two drops as a minimum. It is also worth considering the option of changing some aspects of your leaflet design for each drop. You can change the image of the dish on the leaflets or the colour scheme.

This can help develop brand recognition and bring orders in without creating exposure fatigue. Leaflet distribution can work exactly like other marketing techniques where repeated exposure is a big part of the strategy.

We however have the advantage that we can limit over exposure. A TV ad can drive you mad with constant repeats or outdoor advertising can slowly develop negative feeling in people. In leaflet distribution we have the control over each delivery and as such we make sure that your clients never see your leaflets more than we want them to.

Leaflet distribution for restaurants in Tier 4 Part 3

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We hope that this series about leaflet distribution for restaurants in tier 4 in London has been helpful. If you still have any questions or if you'd like to book a campaign with us please feel free to get in touch here.