Leaflet distribution for personal trainers

Leaflet distribution for personal trainers

Businesses of various sizes and types have been using leaflet distribution in London to market their products and services for decades. Small one-man-band operations all the way to multi-national chains regularly use leaflet distribution in London.

Personal trainers however fall into a category that sometimes gets overlooked when it comes to leaflets. Many tend to focus on being a part of a gym or moving a lot of their marketing efforts online.

Let's have a look at how one can approach leaflet distribution for personal trainers.

Leaflet distribution for personal trainers

Leaflet distribution for personal trainers

As many people are still uneasy about going to a gym having the ability to keep one's clientele privately is crucial for personal trainers.

As the competition thickens advertising becomes more important and many trainers move to instagram an other social media platforms. These can be very helpful but tend to be overcrowded with a huge amount of competition.

Leaflet distribution allows for a personal trainer to get their marketing materials to every household in a given London area repeatedly and reliably. With good design and area selection this can be a great tool to arrange for a steady stream of new clients.

As an example - currently in the summer following the Coronavirus lockdown selecting households around or near parks can be a very good tactic to reach clients and make exercising outside palatable.

Leaflet distribution for personal trainers

Leaflet distribution for personal trainers

Not many people want to go to the gym but are willing to exercise in the park. On top of this a lot us are working at home and many will take a good excuse to go outside.

Leaflet distribution for personal trainers in London in 2020 will have to consider this. Heading into the winter the approach will have to change but for now there is no reason to not take advantage of this development.

As many people are still quite concerned with the coronavirus fiasco we at The Private Postman have developed a series of graphics and logos to help our clients assure their customer base that using their services is safe.

Marketing strategies for a Photography studio post Coronavirus

You can download them here

We tend to recommend these to all our personal trainers as using and sharing equipment is a part of the job and letting everyone who receives your leaflets that you are taking this seriously can be very helpful.

You can also use these anywhere else. Whether it's your website, leaflet or equipment you can let everyone know. This is especially helpful if you are doing your sessions indoors or in a gym.

Since many people are working from home now the effectiveness of leaflet distribution has gone up. Many people have more time to look through their mail carefully and will take any excuse to get up from their desk and see what has made it's way through their letterbox.

When you combine this fact with a cleverly designed repeated drop campaign as described here and a variety of designs it can turn from an effective tool to something that can help you make your way through the difficult times many personal trainers in London have been through in the first half of 2020.

We hope that this article about leaflet distribution for personal trainers in London post coronavirus has been helpful. If you have any questions or if you'd like to book a campaign please feel free to get in touch with us here.