Leaflet Distribution for a London Veterinary clinic

Leaflet Distribution for a London Veterinary clinic

There are some services that people need to use no matter the economic situation or type of crisis the world might be going through. Veterinary services are on of them.

In a very competitive place like London it is a good idea to have a marketing strategy even if your services are indispensable though. Let's have a look at how we can use Leaflet Distribution for a London Veterinary clinic.

What is local?

Leaflet Distribution for a London Veterinary clinic

What does it mean to target your local area with marketing efforts when you are a Veterinary Clinic? What is considered a local area varies based on the type of business you are operating.

A restaurant will for example base this on their delivery capabilities.

A Veterinary clinic is a little different though. It is obvious that all households within reasonable walking distance of your location should be included.

But given the fact that many of your customers will be driving due to the fact that they need to transport their pets to your location we can include other places as well.

When deciding on where your leaflets should be delivered we will take into consideration the transport links and the accessibility of your location by car from surrounding areas.

When we combine the easiest places to drive from with our demographic data we can truly identify your ideal places to target with your advertising.

Why leaflet distribution?

So why would you use leaflet distribution to target these areas?

One of the main advantages of Leaflet Distribution for a London Veterinary clinic is that you can get into every single household. Online marketing can be effective but you will have trouble targeting clients over 60 years of age for example. These are people that often have pets.

Leaflet Distribution for a London Veterinary clinic

You are also working with a lot of real estate to deliver an effective design on a leaflet.

A well designed A5 leaflet with a great image and well-though through design elements can work wonders compared to a small icon on a screen or a blurb in a local magazine.

So when you combine the fact that you can develop a custom A5 sized piece of advertising that can be delivered to every household in pre-selected area with demographic matches with the fact that leaflet distribution can hit every age demographic in the same way you might start seeing the benefit of using leaflets.

On top of this leaflet distribution can be run in multi-drop campaigns and when done sensitively with multi-week rest periods between each delivery round you can be delivering your leaflets to the same households multiple time a year.

This way you can gain mind-share and your branding and contact details can become the first thing anyone in your local area thinks of when they need medical attention for their pet.

How about the logistics?

Leaflet Distribution for a London Veterinary clinic

If you are worried about the logistics of designing the leaflets, printing them and storing them all of these steps in the process can be handled by our departments.

We have an in house design department that can help you perfect your design, we have relationships with some of the biggest printing houses in the UK and Europe with excellent prices not available to one-time purchasing clients and we can keep your leaflets in our warehouse ready for distribution due to our stock-control system.

We hope you now have a better idea of how Leaflet Distribution for a London Veterinary clinic can work. If you would like to book a leaflet distribution campaign with us or if you just have question please get in touch with us here..