Leaflet distribution during second lockdown

Leaflet distribution during second lockdown

All businesses in London have had to deal with the first lockdown in March and April this year. Some have survived and some have not.

Many companies that were able to provide services and goods to clients through the restrictions chose to continue with their marketing efforts with slight changes and succeeded.

Let's have a look at leaflet distribution during second lockdown.

Since the first lockdown earlier this year was something that no-one could have been prepared for and something that no-one has quite lived through many mistakes were made. But as business owners we learn from mistakes and we make sure to never repeat them.

Let's see what we have learned this year and how these lessons can help us with leaflet distribution during second lockdown.

Leaflet distribution during second lockdown

1. Inform

Leaflet distribution during second lockdown

The biggest successes we have seen with our clients came from companies willing to proactively inform their clients and residents of their local areas about the state of their business, opening times and even the fact that they are still trading.

It is not obvious that every business will be opening up again after the lockdown is lifted. It is not obvious that you have moved most of your trading online and made it easier for your customers to order over the internet.

Your potential clients in you local London area need to know about these things. They need to be informed and leaflet distribution is one of the best way of doing so in London.

2. PPE and graphics

Many people are put at ease when they know that the business they are purchasing from during a lockdown is making sure that the employees are using some sort of PPE.

The level of protection you decide to employ is up to you but it is a good idea to let your clients know that you are doing so. As things kept changing this year we at The Private Postman have developed a series of graphics for you to include on your leaflets.

Leaflet distribution during second lockdown

(Feel free to download all our Anti-Covid logos here)

These are free to use by all our clients on their leaflets, website or any other piece of marketing material.

3. Plan for reopening

No matter what happens we will all be going back to trading as usual. It is a good idea to think through how this will be done and how one can make sure to keep costs under control.

Planning is essential. This applies to the internal finances of your businesses as well as your marketing efforts. Catching people as they are ready to come out of lockdown and enjoy a meal in a restaurant or other services that are currently limited at the right time can be a great boost to a business.

Leaflet distribution in London can be ideal for this as it can be carefully times and it guarantees that you will reach every single household in your local area.

We hope that this article about London leaflet distribution during second lockdown has been informative. If you would like to book a campaign or if you have any questions please feel free to get in touch here.