Leaflet delivery for care homes, does it work?

Leaflet delivery for care homes, does it work?

Let's have a look at leaflet delivery for care homes, does it work?

To run a successful leaflet distribution campaign for a care home one needs to focus on three things.

Demographic groups

A care home can target a variety of demographic groups with leaflet distribution. One of the more responsive age groups will be the be the 70+ age demographic.

People in this age tend to gravitate towards tangible and physical marketing methods and are willing to use the phone and enquire about a service they are interested in. They are also likelier to keep a leaflet if it designed well and printed on a high quality paper.

Leaflet delivery for care homes, does it work?

We at The Private Postman have an in-house design team that can help you develop a design that communicates your message clearly.

We also have relationships with some of Europe's largest printing companies that allow us to print your leaflets on a wide variety of paper to make your flyer interactive and worth keeping.

On the other side of this will be drops that are advertising to the family of the potential care home customer.

These will be couples and families in their 50s and above. These households will require a slightly different approach to the design of your flyers as well as number of repeated drops.

A good delivery company will be able to help you identify where you can find these demographics in London and target them with separately designed leaflets.

Multi-drop campaigns

With an institution like a care home one needs to adopt long term marketing strategies. In the world of leaflet distribution this will mean delivering to the same areas multiple times a year. This could mean running only two drops in a 12 month period in strategic times.

The number of repeated drops every year will be based on the types of households you will be targetting and the parts of London you will be delivering in. Your leaflet distribution company will be able to advise you on this.

A service like a care home benefits from mind-share much more than from short term marketing efforts. We want to condition a while area to have your name pop up as soon as they think about using a care home.

This heavy emphasis on very long-term leafleting plans is fairly specific to care homes. So when clients ask as Leaflet delivery for care homes, does it work? The answer has to be. Yes, but it works the best if you think long term and approach your campaigns with a time frame of months or years.

Quality of delivery

The most obvious thing one needs to consider when running a leaflet distribution for a care home in London is the quality of delivery itself. We at The Private Postman have an extremely high standard for deliveries. We don't deliver in the rain, we never bend or fold your leaflets unless absolutely necessary and we provide you with information about our deliveries in real time. This allows you to come see your leaflets making their way through each door in person unannounced at any time.

So - Leaflet delivery for care homes, does it work? What do you think?

If you have any questions or if you'd like to book a campaign please get in touch with us here...