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Is leaflet distribution worth it in 2020? Part 3

In this third and last installment of our discussion on the effectiveness of London leaflet distribution in 2020 we are going to dive into which coronavirus precautions businesses should take and how to use leaflet distribution to inform your clients of the fact that your services are safe to use.

Most businesses will be keeping a good number of the virus precautions that have been adapted over the last few months going forward. Some social distancing is likely to remain a norm for a while as is the use of some PPE.

Is leaflet distribution worth it in 2020? Part 3

Since we don’t know how to virus situation will develop with local intermittent lockdowns even in London being a possibility these measures will stay in place for a while.

As we go through the effort of keeping these measures in place we can also inform our clients of the fact to help keep them at ease when using our services or visiting our premises.

Is leaflet distribution worth it in 2020? It is! Especially when we use it to inform your potential clients about the fact that using your services is safe.

Due to their size leaflets are perfect for including small logos and graphics explaining which precautions your business is taking without diluting your message or confusing the customer.

When you combine the methods of making your leaflet distribution as effective as possible with perfect design, format of leaflet, targeting and repeated drops together with informing your clients that your services are safe to use in this environment you are on your way to dominating your local market.

Is leaflet distribution worth it in 2020? Part 3


Informing your clients that PPE is being used in your business can be crucial especially for business that deal with food or focus on people’s households (cleaning, plumbing etc…)

As people are a little more sensitive about who they let handle their food or let into their home any step we can take to put them at ease is worth it. When we debate the questions Is leaflet distribution worth it in 2020? We have to consider if we can use it to help develop confidence in our potential clients.
Is leaflet distribution worth it in 2020? Part 3

Social distancing

As the social distancing guidelines change we keep updating our graphics however the principle remains. If a client is to visit your premises many people will feel safer knowing that some form of social distancing is being observed.

Whether this is 2 metres or 1 metre is irrelevant. The sentiment and the fact that you taking this element of prevention seriously if what matters.

Is leaflet distribution worth it in 2020? Part 3

We hope that this three part series answering the question Is leaflet distribution worth it in 2020? Has been helpful. We’ve gone through how leaflet distribution in London will differ in the post coronavirus world.

We’ve also gone through some of the techniques that can be implemented to maximise the effectiveness of the impact your leaflets will have on your London area. And finally we’ve discussed the extra steps we can make to inform your clients about the fact that your services are safe to use.

If you would like to book a campaign with us or if you have any questions please feel free to get in touch here..

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