How to sell to the man next door?

How to sell to the man next door?

When we start looking at all the available marketing techniques and strategies we can take advantage of as business owners - it can be easy to get lost in the study of data, response rates and numbers in general.

Demographic groups have become more specified and targeted. Multi-media marketing has taken over the online space and trade-specific apps are massively dominating some fields.

In all this confusion we can easily forget the most important question for a local London business. How to sell to the man next door?
How to sell to the man next door?

If you run a business that focuses mainly on serving your local area in London the most important thing is how you can reach every household in your postcode or zone.

A local restaurant might not need a detailed demographic breakdown or a huge campaign focusing on a million households in the capital.

The fundamental focus should be on the depth engagement with your local customers. Not width and raw numbers.

How to define your local area

The first step in this process has to be defining of what your local area is. If you are a restaurant that delivers food your local area is your delivery area.

If you are a restaurant that doesn't deliver your local area should be within a walking distance or one tube stop from your location. If you are flower shop or a butcher a similar concept will apply.

If you are unsure about the exact borders of your local area you can seek advice with one of our London experts.

What technique?

We believe that the best way to answer the question - How to sell to the man next door? Is to use leaflet distribution. The power of leaflets is that you can deliver a custom made piece of marketing material through every door in your target area.

This is especially true about door-to-door distribution which is the technique we recommend almost exclusively.

Leaflet distribution gives you the ability to create mind share in your local area like no other technique. Mind share is important because through repeated exposure to your marketing materials and branding you can make your business ubiquitous with the service you are offering in the minds of your local residents.

With the new distribution methods that are available you can run segmented, multi-drop campaigns with a custom design for each drop. You can make sure to avoid specific addresses or streets to get the best use from each leaflet that is delivered.

There is no other technique that can guarantee your branding making it's way to every household in your area. When you are trying to sell to the man next door this is one of the main ways to do it.

We hope this blog article has been helpful and given you some ideas on how to sell to the man next door. If you have any questions or if you'd like to book a distribution campaign please get in touch with us here.