How to protect your business against corona virus

How to protect your business against corona virus

We are living through uncertain times. The virus we are all aware of has already been responsible for some of the most dramatic economic changes we've seen in a long time. But as business owners we need to make sure that we don't panic and carefully plan instead.

Let's have a look at how to protect your business against corona virus. We will use the example of a London based business using leaflet distribution to restart their operations after a lock down and inform their clients of this fact.

London is a very interconnected city and as such it will be impacted by this event in a way that will be uniquely different when compared to other more rural places.

Communication with employees

Finding the right people to help you run your business and service your clients can be difficult. Especially in London where the rotation of people in job positions can be quite high.

How to protect your business against corona virus

If you have stable employees that have been with you for a while and are reliable it's very important that you communicate with them about the current crisis.

Share your company's situation with them, allow them to work from home and try to develop agreements on how they can continue to work through whatever is coming.

When you think about how to protect your business against corona virus it's as much about managing your clients as well as your employees.

As people are worried about their incomes and jobs it's crucial that you communicate with your valuable workers and make sure that you hold on to the human capital you've built up over the years. You need to protect your human capital.

How to protect your business against corona virus

We are very aware of this and as such we are providing updates too all our leaflet distribution teams on daily basis.

It is no good to find yourself on the other end of this difficult period when business is about to resume to find out that all your valued and capable employees have found other jobs and sources of income and can't work with you any more.

Communication with clients

Communication is a big part of our approach to this situation. (The Private Postman – Leaflet distribution company).

The same way you need to make sure to share information with your workers you need to inform your clients as well.

You might be able to service only some or all of them going forward but you need to let them know.

Even if your services are not disrupted by the current corona virus situation you should let your clients know this. The clients who you can't provide service for now should be informed both about this situation and how it will be resolved as soon as some of the restrictions loosen.

How to protect your business against corona virus

Plan for the return

This is not the end of the world. We will deal with the corona virus sooner or later.

Londoners are resilient and business is what we do.

We will come back to operating as per usual. When this time comes, it is important to do so in a way that will help you guarantee a smooth take off. Good promotion can do this.

In London the best way to do this is undoubtedly leaflet distribution.

Many business will seize trading during this period. The local area that you are servicing will need to know that you are ramping up your operations and going back to normal.

This is imperative to protect yourself during that ramp-up period. There is no other marketing technique that will allow you to let every single household in your local area know that you are back to business-as-usual.

Leaflet distribution can get to every single household in your area and let every single potential customer know that you are back in business.

We hope that this blog about how to protect your business against corona virus has been helpful.

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