How to promote your business for 2020

How to promote your business for 2020

When a year comes to an end it's a good idea to revisit which promotion techniques have worked in the previous year, which didn't and what new techniques can your business explore to make 2020 the best business year yet.

In the article below we will to talk about how to promote your business for 2020.

Get your branding right

How to promote your business for 2020
One thing that we've noticed with some of our long term clients is how much they benefit from keeping their branding uniform across all their materials.

When your leaflets, menus and banners all have slightly different colours, fonts or even logos it can be difficult to impart your unique message to potential customers.

Especially if you decide to run a multi-drop leaflet distribution campaign, it is crucial to keep your branding and core message consistent across each leaflet.

If all your leaflets use the same fonts and branding but play with other elements like nice photography of your products they promote themselves. Auditing your branding would be the first step to take when going into 2020.

Consider your local London area

We often see businesses advertise their services all over London when they would be much better focusing mainly on their local area.

Sometimes depth is better than width. And this is especially true when it comes to leaflet distribution in London in 2020.

With modern leaflet distribution techniques you can run a sequence of multiple flyer drops to a small area with different leaflet designs all tailored to your target demographics building up a story, brand and more importantly your customer base.

This way you can make sure that every single person that lives in your area knows about your business, recognizes your branding and when they think about using the type of service you provide you will be the first to come up in their mind.

This is how to promote your business for 2020. Consistent branding and repeated leaflet drops in your local area of London.

Promote with synergy

When you plan your marketing strategies for 2020 make sure that they all support each other.

If you have a presence on your trade specific apps consider using leaflet distribution as a tool to side step your competition and drive traffic to your app profile through the letterbox.

If you are organizing an event use other means of promotion you would otherwise be using (like flyers) to not only invite people from your local area but build up to it over a period of a few months to guarantee full attendance.

When you're thinking about how to promote your business for 2020 consider the fact that the methods you use can support each other.

The advantage of leaflet distribution is that it so naturally synergises with most other marketing strategies whether they are hyper local like events or whether they take place fully online.

If you want to know more about leaflet distribution or how The Private Postman can help you locally promote your business in London in 2020 get in touch with us here.