How to promote your beauty hairdresser business?

How to promote your beauty hairdresser business?

There are many things to consider when trying to decide on how to promote your beauty hairdresser business.

There is online marketing, there are local events you can attend, print advertising, leaflet distribution and more.

We are going to have a look at all of these salon marketing techniques with our biggest focus being the targeting of your local area.

The best way to build a local clientele will be some combination of online and offline advertising with leaflet distribution as a main focus.

Online marketing in its current form offers some unparalleled targeting options while flyer delivery can offer a local presence and market penetration like nothing else.

It can be difficult to stand out in a crowded market like London and it can be especially difficult to do so in a competitive environment like the beauty business.

Let’s have a look at the individual elements of each marketing technique that will help attract new clients to your salon.

How to promote your beauty hairdresser business?
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How to promote your beauty hairdresser business?

How to promote your beauty business on instagram

The beauty niche on instagram is heavily saturated. It can be very difficult to make any serious impact with organic reach only.

This means that if you are to reach people on instagram with your content you will have to spend some money on advertising and boosting your posts.

If your clients come from the local area surrounding your business this geographic area should be the ultimate focus of your instagram campaigns as well.

There is no real use advertising your beauty content to people in Scotland if you have a beauty salon in Fulham, SW6.

Make sure to carefully select only the parts of London that are relevant to your business when running instagram ads.

On top of geographic targeting you also want to make sure to carefully select the demographics you want to target with each advertised post.

You don’t have to target every single person in the world with every post you put some money behind.

If you’re boosting a post with a particularly well done hair style on a person of a specific age you can target that exact gender and age group.

There is very little you can gain from advertising a great hairstyle on a 50 year old person to 20 year olds in your area. You can easily make ten ads for ten different demographic groups with images that are relevant to each group.

Making very targeted ads and keeping in mind that different people have different preferences will get you far on instagram.

How to promote your beauty hairdresser business?

Flyer delivery for a beauty salon

No other advertising technique can rival leaflet distribution’s ability to reach every household in your local area.

Without flyer delivery many locals of your area might not even know about the existence of your beauty business unless you are occupying a premium location.

When done right, leaflet distribution can provide you with the ability to deliver a carefully crafted piece of advertising through every letterbox in a selected part of London to promote your services.

Let’s have a look at the individual elements that make a successful flyer distribution campaign.

1. Design

The first important thing to consider when you are deciding on how to promote your beauty hairdresser business with leaflets is what your leaflets will look like.

The current trend in flyer design is moving towards using a single high quality image on one side and elaborating on a single idea on the other.

If you can use a photograph of your own work that is fantastic. If you don’t have one, it is acceptable to use a relevant image you can source from one of the many stock image sites.

Make sure to keep the message of your flyers simple. Having a single goal for each design and flyer drop is the way to succeed.

If you offer a wide range of services you can run multiple flyer drops rather than trying to include everything on a single flyer.

Leaflet design is so important to the success of your campaigns that at The Private Postman we offer free design consultations and feedback to all our clients. Even if they are using their own designers.

2. Size of an area

The exact location of your business, parts of London that are nearby and the nature of your salon will inform what the area you should be targeting with your flyers is.

Sometimes an area of 10,000 households is enough and you won't be able to gain much from advertising beyond it.

In other situations you can efficiently use even 200,000 leaflets for a single campaign.
Your budget will of course be a primary concern when you are deciding on how large your campaign should be.

You want to be working with a distribution company that can help you assess which of your neighbouring areas will be the most valuable to target and which parts might be worth skipping.

Select your distribution partners based on whether they are willing and able to help you with this decision making process.

3. Repeated drops

One of the most revolutionary techniques in leaflet distribution has been the introduction of repeated drops. It is possible to conduct these multi-drop campaigns mostly thanks to more sophisticated modern stock control and distribution systems.

At The Private Postman we can organise campaigns where your leaflets are delivered to the same area multiple times with predetermined breaks in-between drops. When done sensitively this can be an incredibly effective way to build your brand locally in London.

We can arrange for each drop to include a different leaflet design (while keeping consistent branding) and build a long-term campaign with offers, events and vouchers.
When done correctly this approach can have a huge impact and make you the ultimate authority in the beauty business in your local area.

How to promote your beauty hairdresser business?

Salon marketing on facebook

Making sure that your beauty salon is listed on facebook and that people can interact with you using it if they wish is important.

Facebook specifically might not have the dominance it once did in the social media realm but it is still very relevant.

OIder demographics are very well represented on facebook and your facebook ads are going to be using the exact same system as instagram. They are one company at the end of the day.

How to promote your beauty hairdresser business?

Beauty business website

As social media rules the online marketing world many people have given up on spending much time on building their website.

This is a mistake. When you’re thinking about how to promote your hair business, nail or beauty salon you want to have a place that clearly summarises all the services you provide and shows of your work.

Social media posts are fantastic but having the ability to properly organise the flow of information for your website visitors is invaluable.

Do not underestimate the usefulness of a well designed website. You can direct traffic to it from Google, your social media profiles as well as from your leaflets.

You can track the number of people visiting your site and most importantly offer information about your services in the cleanest way possible without other distractions of social media.

Your website doesn’t have to be huge and complicated. It can be simple and clean but it is important that it gives your potential clients the right information about your prices and services.

How to promote your beauty hairdresser business?

SEO for a local hair and beauty salon

With a good website comes some form of search engine optimization. This is a very expansive topic that fundamentally focuses on how search engines like Google decide whether your website is worth showing high in search results.

If you’re not using a professional to handle this for you want to have at least a basic understanding of the principles at play here.

Keeping a blog on your site is a good idea. In each blog post you can talk about topics that are relevant to what you do in your niche in beauty.

When you have written content that talks about relevant topics on your website it helps google and other search engines understand what your business does.

You also want to make sure to have your website and business listed on every possible local business listing you can find. Register your business on Google my Business and link all these profiles to your website.

This will get you started on your SEO journey.

How to promote your beauty hairdresser business?

How to promote your mobile beauty business

If your business is not based in a specific location but you travel to your client’s homes, your marketing strategy doesn’t need to be much different to what we described in this article.

Instead of selecting one local area of London you might want to make a list of multiple areas
with demographics that match your target client profile.

You can then treat each of these areas as its own separate project when it comes to advertising. One month you can focus on advertising in Fulham and next in Richmond.

This way you can build clients in places that are convenient for you without tying yourself to a single location.