How to advertise a Yoga studio with flyers?

How to advertise a Yoga studio with flyers?

It stands to reason that different businesses benefit from different approaches to marketing. Advertising a restaurant has to be done differently to marketing an Estate Agent.

Yoga studios are very similar to other types of businesses in the health and wellness category but there are still some specifics that one should keep in mind. Let's have a look at how to advertise a yoga studio with flyers.

How to advertise a Yoga studio with flyers?

Local market

How well your local area is defined is something that you and your flyer distributor should pay close attention to.

In the case of a yoga studio we at The Private Postman tend to look at specific radius that can be walked on foot by your customers.

On top of this we look at transport links which include both public transport as well as roads. We want to make sure that when many busy professionals might choose to take Yoga classes with you (evenings and weekends) that they can reach your business easily.

There is no point in advertising your services to anyone that will need to drive or commute 45 minutes to your location.

Depth not width

From here we tend to plan repeated flyer drops. It is much better practice to deliver to an area of 20,000 households three times in a five month period than targeting an area of 80,000 household once. You get much better effect with your flyers this way.

Like many other advertising methods leaflet distribution benefits from repetition. You never see a TV or a facebook ad only once.

Leaflet distribution however allows for a very good control over how often and how many times you expose your potential clients to you advertising.

Facebook ads, TV ads and magazine ads can have the negative effect of wearing the people consuming them down by overexposure. If you've seen an ad a hundred times you are more likely to be upset than inspired than use the services it advertises.

Leaflet distribution allows you to segment your drops in carefully spaced out waves and you can be sure that the locals of your area see your flyers only when you want them to.

When you as yourself how to advertise a Yoga studio with flyers the answers tends to be. Locally and repeatedly.

Get the flyer right

Now that you've selected your target area carefully and you know how many flyers you can deliver within your budget you need to make sure that your flyers are delivering your message as they should.

Designing a leaflet a special discipline in the graphic design world and it is a good idea to use the services of someone with experience.

We at The Private Postman offer free design consultation to all our clients where we offer advice on how your flyers can be improved.

We also have our own dedicated design department that can create a new leaflet for you from scratch with our guidance.

We hope that you now have a better idea about how to advertise a Yoga studio with flyers. If you have any more questions or if you'd like to book a campaign with us get in touch here.