Gyms and leaflet distribution post Corona

Gyms and leaflet distribution post Corona

Gyms have been some of the hardest hit businesses during the London lockdown this year. The measures were in place longer for gyms than other types of business and the appetite of people to go back to gym is lower than before.

Let's have a look at gyms and leaflet distribution post Corona.

Gyms and leaflet distribution post Corona


Even though the government guidelines regarding the use of PPE and other anti-virus methods have loosened considerably there is still value in informing your clients about the fact that you take their safety seriously.

Whether it is reasonable to be concerned about the virus in London or not at this point is irrelevant for us when we try to market our services.

Many people are still being cautious and the way we present our services should reflect that.

One of the best ways you can do this is using graphics that can communicate this message without hijacking your leaflet completely.

We at The Private Postman have designed a series of logos with exactly this in mind. All our clients can choose to use these on their leaflets, other print advertising, websites or social media posts.

Gyms and leaflet distribution post Corona

(Feel free to download all our Anti-Covid logos here)

Taking some basic precautions is a good idea and informing your careful clients about the fact is good practice.
Gyms and leaflet distribution post Corona

Outdoor classes

Gyms and leaflet distribution post Corona

Anyone that has been to a park in London in July or August this year couldn't help but notice the fact that there are many classes in physical fitness taking place.

Anything from Yoga to Kettle bells, HIIT or martial arts.

Gyms and leaflet distribution post Corona should reflect this. A gym isn't only the physical space and the tools for exercise you own.

t is also the human capital that revolves around this institutions. It's your personal trainers and specialists you work with.

Advertising you classes that take place in parks and outdoors while using the branding of your gym is a good idea for many reasons.

Using the branding you have worked on developing for so long gives the classes legitimacy and the clients that sign up for these can continue with their exercise regiment on your premises when they feel like it.
Gyms and leaflet distribution post Corona

Repeated deliveries

Gyms and leaflet distribution post Corona

As many people in London are now dealing with altered work schedules, unexpected deadlines at work, children being out of school with a limited selection of activities and maybe even taking care of their parents we need to make sure to remind them of our existence more often.

When a person is busy it's easy to forget or pay less attention to one's surroundings.

Leaflet distribution is no different. That's why we recommend running repeated leaflet distribution campaigns more than ever.

Delivering the same leaflets to the same households more than once with rest periods between each delivery has been a technique we've been using for the last couple of years. The results are undeniable and the of clients using this approach have consistently reported great results.

The reasons why repeated drops are so effective apply more now than ever before. People need their memory refreshed when they are busy and leaflet distribution with repeated drops is the way to do it.

We hope that this article about gyms and leaflet distribution post Corona has been helpful. If you'd like to book a campaign or if you have any questions please feel free to get in touch with us here.