Green ways to promote your business

Green ways to promote your business

Being mindful of the impact of our business practices on our environment has rightly become a serious topic of discussion. Most of us want to make sure to keep our surroundings for our children as we found it or in even better shape.

But as business owners we need to promote our services. So what are some of the most green ways to promote your business?

Using paper as a medium for promotion can be a great place to start. The current infrastructure of paper recycling, manufacturing and management is one of the most effective and efficient in any business.

Interesting paper facts

72% of paper used in packaging or marketing materials is recycled into new products. There is almost no other material that can currently rival this.

Green ways to promote your business

European forests have been growing at an amazing rate (1,500 football pitches per day).

The paper industry relies on good forest management and thanks to the way this has been organised and supported European forests have grown by a third in the last 60 years.

The absolute majority of wood fiber that is used by European companies comes from European forests. (It is around 90%).

This means that while the trees are growing and we are waiting for them to mature to a point when they can be harvested they are producing oxygen and beautifying our landscape.

It's hard to compete with the amazingly positive impact a green forest has on a landscape.

So since paper can be relatively beneficial to our environment compared to many other practices what are some green ways to promote your business by using it?

Leaflet Distribution

Leaflet distribution is one of the best techniques one can use to promote a London business locally. The value of having a well designed piece of marketing material delivered through each household's door in the area surrounding your business is hard to overestimate.

We at The Private Postman have close relationships with some of the largest printing houses in Europe and as such we can help you negotiate excellent prices.

With this and our efficient delivery systems leaflet distribution can also become maybe the most cost-efficient way you can market your business in London.

If you space out your deliveries properly and plan them at crucial times of year leaflet distribution can help you develop mind-share in the local population that is hard to achieve otherwise. The goal is for everyone in your local area to think your name first when they need services you are offering.

If you run an Italian Restaurant your branding should be the first thing on everyone's mind as they get hungry in the evening. The same thing applies to plumbers, estate agents, tutors, schools or any other business that want to service a local area in London

The most effective green ways to promote your business might not be obvious right away but with a little bit of research leaflet distribution should clearly come up at the top of the list. If you have any questions of if you'd like to book a campaign please get in touch with us here.