Gardeners and end of lockdown promotion

Gardeners and end of lockdown promotion

Some gardeners in London have been able to work through 2020 and the beginning of 2021. Others have had their businesses seriously diminished. Even though gardening work was allowed through pretty much all the restrictions in the last year many people have been worried about inviting tradesmen into their homes and gardens.

Let's have a look at how we can approach the business of London gardeners and end of lockdown promotion.

Gardeners and end of lockdown promotion

The opening

Gardeners and end of lockdown promotion

As we come out of the twelve month intermittent lockdown many businesses start reopening and people who have been mostly stuck at home start looking at what services are available out there.

The service sector has always been huge in London and it has been one of the hardest hit sectors of the economy. However as things start opening up and people are becoming ready to spend money we can take advantage of the situation.

No matter what happens grass will still grow and trees will need maintenance. Running a leaflet distribution campaign during the gradual easing of restrictions over the coming weeks and months is a great move for any gardening company.

Gardeners and end of lockdown promotion

Repeated drops

Gardeners and end of lockdown promotion

The ultimate strategy in leaflet distribution over the last couple of years has been the use of repeated leaflet drops. Most leaflet distribution campaigns have historically been based on a single delivery to each household. At best a regular delivery every few months to the same areas.

With new technologies making stock control much easier we can now offer leaflet campaigns that include multiple drops to the same households with carefully designed rest periods measured in weeks.

This technique can further be enhanced by the fact that we can use multiple designs for the same company to maximise the effectiveness of such a campaign.

You can have your leaflets delivered to the same relevant households every three weeks for a period of a few months while rotating multiple designs of your leaflets and thus minimising the exposure fatigue that could sometimes be a concern.

Most advertising methods rely on repeated exposure but a few can control it as well as well targeted local repeated leaflet distribution campaigns. Repeated campaigns should be part of any strategy for gardeners and end of lockdown promotion.

Gardeners and end of lockdown promotion


Some people are still somewhat cautious when it comes to dealing with tradesmen coming to their properties including their gardens. A use of PPE will remain with us for a while when it comes to dealing at least with some minority of customers.

As such it is a good idea to include the fact that you use or are able to use various PPE measures on your marketing material. We at The Private Postman have designed a variety of graphics for our clients to use just for this purpose.

Gardeners and end of lockdown promotion

(Feel free to download all our Anti-Covid logos here)

You can use theses on your leaflets, website or other marketing materials.

We hope that this article about gardeners and end of lockdown promotion using leaflet distribution in London has been helpful. If you have any questions or if you'd like to book a leaflet distribution campaign please feel free to get in touch with us here.

You can also listen to some audio about leaflet distribution in London here..