Food delivery and leaflet distribution

Food delivery and leaflet distribution

Restaurants have had a difficult time in 2020. There have been multiple versions of lockdowns and restrictions imposed on us and they have been more or less impossible to plan for. Restaurants have been mostly left with one option – Food delivery.

Especially in London the world of food delivery has for a while now been taken over by multi-national food delivery apps which make it very difficult for any restaurant to stand out and effectively market.

Leaflet distribution has been one of the ways out of this situation. Let's have a look at food delivery and leaflet distribution.

Food delivery and leaflet distribution

1. Local Area

Food delivery and leaflet distribution

When we are discussing leaflet distribution with any of our clients at The Private Postman we first tend to focus on where in London should the leaflet be delivered. What constitutes a local area for a given business.

For restaurants (especially at this time) this is very clear. Your local area is exactly the area within which you can deliver your food.

No restaurant can reasonably deliver anywhere in London . You should be delivering your food to all households within your delivery radius.

Food delivery and leaflet distribution

2. You can mention the Apps

The advantage of leaflet distribution in London is the fact that you can use the whole size of the leaflet to market yourself the way you want. You can use the best images of your food, your branding, colours and fonts.

This is not possible on the delivery apps. You are generally give a 1x1cm icon which is not enough to do any of the above.

Even though your leaflet should focus on your business and your food it is a good idea to mention your app or apps of choice. Letting your clients know where they can find your restaurants if they want your food delivered is the way to go.

Use the leaflet to market yourself but allow yourself to use the apps as well.

Food delivery and leaflet distribution

3. Get good photos

Food delivery and leaflet distribution are very much dependant on you getting high quality photographs of your best dishes. This is what your leaflet should be based on.

We can always try to source fitting photos in one of the online stock photography depositories but you having your own pictures of your own food is considerably better.

It gives you identity and allows you the actually market your product rather than just your class of product. ie. Not all pasta is the same

Food delivery and leaflet distribution

4. PPE

As we are living in a time that is very much affected by the government restrictions in relation to Covid-19 PPE is being used widely.

Some clients don't care and some care very much. That means that you should be informing your clients about exactly what PPE protection you are using and what steps you are taking. They don't have to be very far reaching but a little goes a long way.

In an industry that should be operating with impeccable hygiene these PPE standard should be no issue to implement. We at The Private Postman have designed and put together a selection of PPE related logos that all our clients can use on their leaflets.

Food delivery and leaflet distribution

(Feel free to download all our Anti-Covid logos here)

We hope that this article on food delivery and leaflet distribution in London has been helpful. If you have any questions or if you'd like to book a campaign please feel free to get in touch with us here.