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Flyer production for distribution in London part 2

In the second instalment of our series focused on flyer production for distribution in London we are going to have a look a leaflet design. Now that we know exactly what we are looking to advertise and the final goal of your leaflet distribution campaign we should have a way easier time developing the look of our leaflet.

Flyer production for distribution in London part 2

Simplicity and uniformity

Flyer production for distribution in London part 2

Like we mentioned a few times already the key to the success of your flyer and the whole campaign is simplicity of message. This comes across in the design itself. Good design practices should be observed.

A limited number of colours and fonts is important. You also need to make sure that the fonts and colours used on your leaflets correspond to your branding image on other mediums. Your website, social media as well as in your physical location.

Flyer production for distribution in London part 2


Quality photography has become an incredibly important aspect of leaflet design and leaflet distribution. This is especially true for restaurants, food business or anyone advertising a specific product. This trend however applies to services also.

It is a good practice to use to services of a professional photographer but unique high quality stock photographs are also acceptable We at The Private Postman can help you source these.

Flyer production for distribution in London part 2

Codes and tracking

If you are aiming at making as many sales as quickly as possible rather than developing a long term strategy with your leaflet distribution drops the inclusion of discount codes is encouraged. These can also help you track the success of your campaign as the number of used discount codes can give you an idea of how many people quickly acted upon receiving your leaflet.

Flyer production for distribution in London part 2

Professional look

Flyer production for distribution in London part 2

We at The Private Postman generally recommend that every step of the way in flyer production for distribution in London you either use or consult experienced professionals. This is also true when it comes to leaflet design.

Many competent small business owners out there have developed good Photoshop skills and the temptation might be for you to save some money and design your leaflet yourself. This is possible and we at The Private Postman we do offer a free consultation service to our clients to help with this process.

We provide free feedback on every piece of flyer design that our clients want to print and distribute with us. This is to give your leaflets and London campaigns the best chance to succeed.

This can however go much smoother when you use a professional graphic designer. Especially one experienced with leaflets and leaflet distribution. There are many nuances to flyer design that are not immediately obvious and much time an resources can be saved when a professional is in charge of the design process from the beginning.

We also happen to have designers on staff at The Private Postman and can help you get a quality designs at very reasonable rates.

We hop that the second instalment of this series on flyer production for distribution in London has been informative. If you have any questions or if you’d like to book a leaflet distribution campaign in London please feel free to get in touch with us here.

You can also listen to some audio about leaflet distribution in London here..

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