Estate agent leaflet ideas that will boost your sales

Estate agent leaflet ideas that will boost your sales

Estate agents have been using leaflet distribution to generate business in London for decades.

It has proven to be a reliable, effective and efficient way to build brand, generate leads and to sustain an estate agent office through changes in the market and technology. This has been the case in 1980, 1990, 2010, 2019 and it will stay that way into the future.

Trade specific apps and websites have been very impactful over the last decade and while they can be useful and shouldn't be ignored the most successful estate agents have stuck to their leaflet distribution strategy.

Let's have a look at some estate agent leaflet ideas that will boost your sales.

Estate agent leaflet ideas that will boost your sales

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Estate agent leaflet ideas that will boost your sales

Estate agent leaflet ideas that will boost your sales in 2020

Using multiple designs

Marketing in general is getting more granular and targeted.

This is also the case in the world of leaflet distribution.

Back in the day many estate agents would develop one quality flyer design, print hundreds of thousands of flyers and get on with distribution.

This has not been the way to do leaflet distribution for a while now and it will certainly not be a succesful strategy going forward.

We tend to advise our estate agent clients to develop multiple designs. Each catering to a specific demographic and serving a clear purpose.

A young couple looking to buy or rent a home will be responsive to very different design cues and photos compared to an older couple looking to invest into their second property.

It is important to keep in mind what we are hoping to achieve with our flyer drop and tailor the design for this purpose.

Your own templates

The simplest way of doing this is to create a template and tweak it for the nuances of each drop.

Estate agent leaflet ideas that will boost your sales
Estate agent leaflet ideas that will boost your sales
We can use an example of a fictional estate agent Chase and Son. In this example we have two properties in very different price brackets.

A large luxury house in Kent and a middle class home in Mill Hill using the same design template. By using this technique you can quickly create tailored campaigns targeting different demographics all over London.

If you have your photographs ready you can plan your campaign, have your design created and start printing the same day.

If you are working with a leaflet distribution company that has a designer on staff and relationships with local printing houses they can handle this whole process for you. You can focus all of your energy on deciding who you should be targeting and when.

Working with your own bespoke templates of this kind gives you the ability to execute your campaign ideas immediately.

Use high quality photos

Estate agent leaflet ideas that will boost your sales

Leaflet design in general has moved to using high quality photography as the main feature of most flyers.

This applies even more to estate agent flyers. Your photos need to be of very high quality and you will generally aim at using a single photograph covering the whole front side of your leaflet.

The designs above are a good example of this.

You can include your contact details and further information about your company or the property in question on the back side of the flyer.

Sold in your area

One example where this might not always apply is the good old ‘sold in your area’ leaflet. If you have managed multiple successful sales in one area you can use this fact for further advertising.
Estate agent leaflet ideas that will boost your sales

This is a classic estate agent flyer that still works. Especially if you combine it with other campaigns that are aimed at general brand recognition.

This technique works very well as you are using properties local people are going to be familiar with. The more familiarity and trust you can build with local communities the better.

Targeting sellers and driving traffic

If you are exclusively targeting people that are thinking about selling their properties you can also do away with photographs altogether.

As you are advertising a service and not a home or a product you can embrace graphics and bold colours.

Estate agent leaflet ideas that will boost your sales

You can use your leaflets to drive traffic to your website. Your site should then include all the information a potential seller could want. This way you can drive traffic to your site from an offline environment and from the areas you are interested in.

Use multiple drops

Estate agents have an advantage over other businesses in the fact that they understand that leaflet distribution is in it's most powerful when it acts as a brand-building tool.

Smaller, generally service based businesses tend to aim for a sale as quickly as possible with a single flyer. We all know that the likelihood of a person making the biggest purchase of their life based on a single leaflet is very small.

So why do estate agents still use leaflet distribution? Building brand, trust and mind-share are the ultimate marketing aims. This is exactly where flyer distribution shines.

Delivering your brochures to the few streets surrounding your recent sale is a great idea and is commonly used. But one of the more overlooked techniques has been the use of multi-drop campaigns.

We at The Private Postman can help you plan campaigns spanning over periods of months delivering a variety of pre-planned designs to the same households multiple times with rest periods in-between drops.

Multi drop campaigns are one of the most important Estate agent leaflet ideas that will boost your sales in 2020.

It is the ultimate brand building technique in London leaflet distribution and it is one of the most effective ways to ensure that when a Londoner is looking to buy, sell or rent a home you will be the first name to pop into his or her head.

We hope that these Estate agent leaflet ideas that will boost your sales in 2020 have been helpful. To find out what your leaflet distribution campaign could look like get in touch with us here.