Does leaflet dropping work?

Does leaflet dropping work?

Asking does leaflet dropping work is similar to asking whether TV adverts work or if Google Ads are effective. The answer has to inevitably be - 'Depending on who is doing it and how well'.

The approach to leaflet dropping has changed quite bit over the last 15 years. It used to be that a business would print a few thousand leaflets, contact a local flyer distribution firm, pick a postcode to target and hope that all the leaflets get delivered.

The landscape is completely different now. Many new techniques have been developed and adopted and flyer distribution has become a very sophisticated marketing tool.

Area selection

Does leaflet dropping work

One of the most important things in determining the answer to a question Does leaflet dropping work?

Has to be the ability of the leaflet distribution company and the client to select the right areas for the leaflets to be delivered.

The way to find the best area selection for a given leaflet drop is to combine the information about the types of clients you are looking for with local insight from your flyer distribution company.

Areas can't be broken down only on the basis of average incomes or house prices. There are many more elements to consider.

The age group breakdown of the locals, are the households mostly families or co-habiting single professionals, do the homes have gardens etc...

Your leaflet distribution company has to have a real granular understanding of London and where different demographics can be found within it.

Leaflet Design

This is something that many flyer distribution companies outsource but absolutely shouldn't. It will be one of the key parts to the answer to does leaflet dropping work?

If you have a beautiful design from your own designer that you are happy with it can be used. We however have experts on staff to help either tweak your current design to work as well as possible or build a new one from ground up.

When leaflet dropping one has to keep in mind that the design is actually what delivers your message. If all your leaflets are delivered perfectly, in great shape to the ideal areas but the design is confusing on not clear your leaflet drop will inevitably fail.

We offer free design consultations to all our clients to help them get the most from the leaflet drops.

Quality of delivery

So, you have selected your areas well and have the perfect design. The next step is ensuring that when leaflet dropping your flyers come through the letterbox in the best shape possible.

The way we make sure this is the case is as follows. We never deliver in the rain to avoid water damage. We never fold leaflets through letterboxes. Our delivery and supply chain is tailored to treating your printed leaflets as carefully as possible.

On top of this we operate two independent tracking systems that allow you 'the client' to come and see your leaflets being delivered at any time without notice.

That way you can always be sure that your leaflet drop is going according to plan and each flyer is delivered in perfect shape.

To find out how leaflet drops can help your business get in touch with us here.