Create an edge for your London Gym with flyers

Create an edge for your London Gym with flyers

Marketing a local gym in London requires a unique approach. London is famously a very competitive place with businesses fighting for every customer.

Let's have a look at how we can define our local area as a gym owner, how to develop mind-share and how to create an edge for your London gym with flyers.

Create an edge for your London Gym with flyers

Local area

The first step in planning a flyer campaign as a gym owner is to clearly define what your local area is.

Unless you are a very specialised gym with trainers holding unique or unusual acreditations most of your clients will be living within walking distance or within a quick commute.

When we decide where we will be delivering your flyers we will look at an area directly surrounding your location and also at pockets of households located maybe geographically further from your address but with great transport connections.

Think tube lines, bus lines and direct road connections enabling cycling and comfortable driving even in London rush hour.

This method of deciding where your flyers will be delivered allows us to narrow down places that will be the most likely to using your services and not waste any flyers once delivered.

Your Target Demographics

Create an edge for your London Gym with flyers
Knowing your customer is crucial. We will discuss with you your price point and the general make-up of your clientele.

If your gym is mostly based on monthly subscriptions and you focus on facilities allowing for heavy lifting you will be interested in different demographics compared to gym offering £40/sessions yoga classes and up-selling wheatgrass juice.

This is common sense but it is important that we use the same demographic defining methods in leaflet distribution as we do when using other marketing strategies.

When we overlap your target demographics with your local area selection we get the ultimate fertile ground for your leaflet distribution campaigns.

Are you ready to create an edge for your London gym with flyers now?

Develop mind-share

Now that we've narrowed down your ideal target area and demographics we can start with the deliveries. The way to get the most out of your leaflet distribution efforts and truly create and edge is to run multiple-drop campaigns.

This is a flyer delivery method that has not historically been available due to the strain it puts on the logistics and operations side of the leaflet distribution company.

We have built our business around this method and our logistics team is second to none and as such we recommend this strategy for deliveries as standard.
Create an edge for your London Gym with flyers
Depending on your demographics, type of households we will be delivering to and your goal we will arrange for multiple drops to the same households with a reasonable amount of time in between each delivery.

Since we have the ability to vary your designs for each drop while keeping your branding and message the same we can make sure that when anyone in your local area even thinks about going to the gym you are the first thing on their mind.

Hopefully these techniques make it clear how you can create an edge for your London gym with flyers.

If you would like to ask any questions or book a leaflet distribution campaign with us please get in touch here.