Builders and handymen after Coronavirus

Builders and handymen after Coronavirus

Due to the uncertain future and regulations that might be introduced as a response to the behaviour of the virus going forward most companies will be keeping some form of social distancing and PPE use in place.

These procedures will be especially important for London companies that focus on services in the homes of their customers. Builders and handymen are exactly in this category.

Builders and handymen after Coronavirus

Let's have a look at builders and handymen after coronavirus and how they can best adapt to the current situation.

Right now in July of 2020 the government mandated lockdown due to coronavirus is being lifted. This means that many businesses that have not been able to trade for a period of months will be able to go back to work.

This applies to builders and handymen in London who might have operated at a reduced level through this period rather than fully shutting down but now will be opening back fully.

With this being the case one things is for sure. Customers will be expecting some level of PPE in use and other procedures to be in place when you visit their home for a repair or small renovation.

We at The Private Postman have designed a number of logos and graphics to help our clients include the fact that they are keeping these procedures in place on their marketing materials.

Builders and handymen after Coronavirus

(Feel free to download all our Anti-Covid logos here)

Our clients are free to use these on their leaflet designs as well as other printed marketing materials, websites and even shop windows.

As we specialise in leaflet distribution in London let's talk about how leaflets together with clear communication about anti-covid measures can help a builders and handymen after coronavirus.

Leaflet Design

The physical size of the leaflet allows you to include some of the above mentioned logos into your design with disrupting it or diluting the message.

Your leaflet can include a large photo of your best work together with a list of services you offer and just a small mention that you are keeping some reasonable precautionary procedures in place.

Builders and handymen after Coronavirus


Leaflet distribution allows you to get to every single household in a given area. This is especially important now.

If there is an area full of the kind of properties or clients you specialise in leaflet distribution can help you inform every single one of them that you are still in business, ready to trade and that your services are safe to use.

Many renovations would have been put on hold over the last four months. Many companies have gone out of business in this period as not all organisations are able to keep their costs down while there is no money coming in.

This means that there many clients ready to be picked up and well planned and executed leaflet distribution campaign can be a great tool for this. Especially when you consider modern distribution methods that allow us to run repeated drops to the same areas with pre-set break periods between each delivery while using new designs every time.

We hope that this article about the use of leaflet distribution in London for builders and handymen after coronavirus has been helpful. If you have any questions or if you'd like to book a campaign please feel free to get in touch with us here.