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Advertising your London business as being Covid Aware

Advertising your London business as being Covid Aware

We are soon to be coming out of lockdown in the UK. Business will try to come back into the marketplace and deal with whatever the full impact of the Covid 19 pandemic will be. One thing is for sure. Consumer behaviour will be different to what we've been used to in the months following the reopening of the economy.

Advertising your London business as being Covid Aware

Let's have a look at advertising your London business as being covid aware.

Lockdown lifted

The lifting of the lockdown is likely to be a gradual process lasting over the period of weeks.

On top of this many of the current restrictions especially around social distancing will probably be staying in place for a long time. This will inevitably have an impact on many types of businesses and everyone will have to adjust.

It is likely that consumer behaviour will be focused on this also. People will be looking at hygiene ratings when selecting where to eat, get a haircut or shop and any reassurance you can give to your clients about strict procedures being put in place will be helpful.

The logos

That's why we at The Private Postman have put together a selection of logos relating to a variety of safety procedures businesses will be taking and offer these to be used for all our clients.

We want to make the advertising your London business as being covid aware with leaflet distribution easier.

Advertising your London business as being Covid Aware

Going from left to right we can see a logo reassuring your clients that your business is compliant with all government regulations relating to Covid 19, that PPE is in use on your premises as well as social distancing rules being observed.

Making sure to inform your local area that you are in business and reopening is also crucial.

And continuing from there are reassuring logos about the cleaning of surfaces and a more general message informing your clients that you are running a Covid 19 aware company.

The logos can be used on all marketing materials. Leaflets being the ultimate medium.

Using leaflet distribution to inform your local area that you are reopening and get back to developing mind share in your potential clientele is the ultimate move for any local business in London coming out of lockdown.

The advantages of using leaflet distribution are numerous. With leaflet distribution you can make sure that every single household in your local London area receives your marketing materials.

By using leaflets you are not omitting any demographics unlike when using online/social media advertising.

On top of this you can be in full control of the amount of exposure your potential clients are having to your marketing.

When running magazine ads, billboards, TV or facebook ads it can be difficult to not over-saturate your market. We are aware of the feelings we have when we see the same TV ad too many times.

Advertising your London business as being Covid Aware


Repetition is very incredible in marketing and leaflet distribution is no exception.

It however allows you to plan the exact dates of repeated deliveries and carefully consider the amount of time in between each delivery.

This way you can make for example sure that each household in your local area receives your leaflets once a month for a period of three months.

When you combine this with the fact that you can use multiple designs your target clients will not develop exposure fatigue when it comes to your advertising.

We hope that this article about Advertising your London business as being covid aware has been helpful. If you have any questions or if you'd like to book a leaflet distribution campaign with us please get in touch here...