5 Practical leaflet Distribution tips that really work

5 Practical leaflet Distribution tips that really work

Like many marketing techniques leaflet distribution works well when done correctly. When done carelessly or by someone with little experience it can easily become a complete waste of time and money.

There is more to leaflet distribution than just selecting an area and delivering a few thousand leaflets. In this article we will have a look at 5 Practical leaflet distribution tips that really work.
5 Practical leaflet Distribution tips that really work

1. Selecting demographics based on qualities other than only income

Good targetting is an absolutely crucial part of improving the chance of your flyer drop working and generating business.

It is the first distribution technique one should consider when planning a flyer drop. Many leaflet distribution companies tend to segment London into areas based only on income. This is simply not enough.

As you can imagine an older couple will respond to advertising differently than a young family even though they might have a similar household income.

There is more to London than looking for the most affluent postcodes and executing a flyer drop after flyer drop. There are places with strong demographics of young city professionals.

Other parts of London tend to have a high percentage of families and others of older couples. Some areas are full of homes with gardens.

All of these details are important and every one of them should be considered.

2. Use more than one design

It might be a good idea to use a different leaflet design in different parts of town. You can for example tailor your design to each demographic you are targeting or use different designs for each flyer drop in a multi-drop campaign.

By being more proactive with your design you can keep your leaflets fresh and personal but keep your branding consistent.

3. Use multi-drop campaigns

Using campaigns with multiple well spaced out drops is the ultimate brand building tool for any local business. This is probably the most important of the 5 Practical leaflet Distribution tips that really work.

You can deliver multiple rounds of flyer drops to the area around your restaurant over the period of months.

Each of these drops can use different images of your food culminating with an invitation to a tasting event at your location.

When done correctly multi-drop campaigns can be the most impactful distribution technique and a complete game changer in the leaflet distribution business.

4. Stick to A5

It can be nice to get creative with the format of your leaflets. Gate fold DL size brochures look fantastic as well as Z-fold flyers.

However when it comes to delivering a clear message the old A5 leaflet with a classy design still works the best. There are many distribution techniques that can help make your flyer drop more successful. Using novelty formats is not one of them.

5. Think long term

Many leaflet distribution techniques can work well for generating leads and driving sales. Leaflet distribution is however at it's best when it is approached as a long-term brand building tool with an occasional soft or hard sell.

No matter how successful a single leaflet drop ends up being. A long term brand building strategy in your key areas will always win.

We hope that these 5 Practical leaflet distribution tips that really work will be helpful. To find out what your leaflet distribution campaign could look like get in touch with us here.