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Long term vs. short term marketing for small a dental clinic

Marketing of a small business can be divided into two basic categories. Short term and long term marketing. Short term strategies aim at generating sales quickly and getting people through the door with discounts, sale offers or one-off events. Long term approaches focus more on brand recognition and developing mind share. Both of these methods…
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The best way to promote your gym in London

Since we all have limited marketing budgets we need to make sure that we are not wasting it. There are more avenues we can take in our quest to promote our businesses than ever before. With the world of social media opening up over the last 10 years, google taking over the absolute majority of…
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How much do leaflet delivery workers earn?

How well a worker is compensated for their efforts is very much related to the way they approach their duties. This is especially true in the world of leaflet distribution as no amount of checking mechanisms can fully track every decision a distributor makes on daily basis. Leaflet distribution is ultimately about trust. Our clients…
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How to get more clients for a beauty salon with leaflets distribution

Beauty salons have many new promotion techniques available to them. With the visual focus of many social media platforms a good online presence with some talent in photography can be beneficial. A lot of these channels however tend to be quite crowded and standing out on a place like Instagram can be very difficult. Is…
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