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How was The Private Postman founded?

In 2009 our founder and MD Mark Redmond was fired from Royal Mail after falling out with a disgruntled manager. As a result Mark decided to go to court and won his unfair dismissal case. During the process he however had to keep a roof over his head and as such he decided to go…
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The Postman’s Gallery Part 1

Having a good collective is integral to getting results as a company. Especially in our field. Our workers are out in the field every day delivering leaflets and working hard. We appreciate their hard work and do not take their good attitude for granted. Through speaking with some of our Private Postman we have discovered…
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Leaflet Distribution for London Gyms

Leaflet distribution has historically been used by gyms, gym chains and personal trainers to get new business for a long time. In the context of modern marketing techniques leafleting is still an indispensable tool for brand building and customer acquisition. However, like any marketing technique, it needs to be executed well. The two main pillars…
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Leaflet Distribution for Small Local Businesses

There are still some companies around (some of them of considerable size) that still believe that leaflet distribution is all about the total number of leaflets in distribution. As the saying goes quantity has a quality of it's own but the days of 'spraying and praying' are long gone in the business of leaflet distribution.…
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