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Leaflet delivery for care homes, does it work?

There are many ways one can advertise a care home. In general, long term strategy and careful targeting should be a part of every campaign no matter the medium you are using. At The Private Postman we specialise in leaflet distribution and as such we will mostly talk about how you can use flyers to…
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Shared vs Solo Distribution

We are commonly asked about many details of how we make our deliveries. One of the most discussed topics is the difference between delivering one leaflet at a time (Solo or Solus Distribution) and delivering multiple leaflets through each door (Shared Distribution). This has always been a hot topic in our industry and it is…
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How to advertise a Yoga studio with flyers?

It stands to reason that different businesses benefit from different approaches to marketing. If you want to advertise a restaurant you will do so slightly differently to the way you would market an estate agent office. Yoga studios are very similar to other types of businesses in the health and wellness category but there are…
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10 Practical leaflet distribution tips that really work

Like many marketing techniques, leaflet distribution works well only when done correctly. When approached carelessly or by someone with little experience it can easily become a painful waste of time and money. There is more to leaflet distribution than just selecting an area and delivering a few thousand leaflets within it. In this article we…
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