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How does my leaflet distribution campaign get tracked

The general view of leaflet distribution has historically been that it can be a very effective method of advertising but that it can also be very difficult to know whether your leaflet have been delivered properly. Is that still the case? How does my leaflet distribution campaign get tracked? Long gone are the days of…
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Can you deliver leaflets in London during lockdown?

The fact that there might be a Covid-related government lockdown of a specific area in 2020 is an idea that we have gotten used to. However the fact that much of the economic life in a give area has been suspended for a period of time doesn't mean that your business needs to shut down…
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Council houses and leaflet distribution

Delivering leaflets to council houses is a somewhat contentious issue. Some companies choose to include council houses in their numbers of households per postcode and deliver to them when possible, others don't. Let's have a look at council houses and leaflet distribution. Are council houses included in the TPP mapping system One of the most…
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Door drop marketing

Leaflet distribution has been a part of the London marketing landscape for decades and will remain so for decades to come. One specific element of leaflet distribution has been the ultimate choice throughout this whole time. It's door drop marketing. Leaflet distribution can take many forms. Some companies like to include hand-to-hand distribution that is…
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