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UK door drops and canvassing questions

Reading time: 6 minutes Questions about the terms ‘door drop’ and ‘canvassing’ come up relatively often when speaking to our clients. Are these the same thing? How do they relate to pamphlet delivery and leaflets? The simple answer is that they are all the same. In the UK canvassing means the same thing as pamphlet…
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Catalogue and brochure distribution

Reading time: 5 minutes Table of contents 1. B2B or door drops 2. What is too big? 3. Why use a brochure? 4. The advantages of catalogues 5. Why not deliver yourself? 6. Size of your campaigns 7. Common uses 8. The cost 9. Design and print 10. Repurpose your brochure [spacer] We generally recommend…
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Advantages and disadvantages of pamphlets

What is a pamphlet? A pamphlet or a leaflet is a piece of paper that a distributor can deliver to people’s homes or hand out to potential customers on the street. We will most commonly advise you to keep your pamphlets to an A5 or A6 format. There are exceptions to this but we generally…
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B2B Flyer Delivery

Reading time: 5:30 minutes Pamphlet delivery campaigns most often target private households. To be more specific - households in privately owned residential properties. While deliveries to these homes are going to be the backbone of most flyer campaigns it is possible to target other addresses as well. B2B flyer delivery is the most common alternative.…
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