Leaflet distribution in Woodford E18

Who lives in Woodford E18?

In the early 18th Century Woodford was developed from an essentially agricultural area to a residential one to satisfy the needs of wealthy individuals who needed easy access to central London, but who preferred to live somewhere quieter and, in those days at least, substantially cleaner and sweeter-smelling. Central London has been hugely cleaned up since then, but the basic appeal of Woodford remains much the same. The demographics of this area show the standard squeeze in the middle (i.e. 18-44s) of postcodes popular with people looking to raise growing families and correspondingly the number of households consisting of couples (with and without children) is above the London average.

Interestingly the number of people describing themselves as associate professionals, professionals, managers or directors is currently a smidgeon below the London average while average income is identical to average income over London as a whole. In other words, this is another area which benefits from the Postman’s expert local knowledge to know which specific parts of the postcode are worthleafleting.

What is the character of Woodford E18?

Woodford was once a place of great houses for the hugely wealthy. Many of these were torn down in the 1920s and 1930s to make way for what was then considered high-density housing. In those days that meant semis with 3 or 4 bedrooms to house individual families. Woodford is now known as a place where there are numerous housing estates, of varying degrees of affluence. Property in the better estates is eagerly sought-after today. The desirability of Woodford only increased with and improvement in transport links, in particular the arrival of the Central line and of course it is the Olympic belt and has benefitted from that.

How can you help me with leaflet distribution in Woodford E18?

We pride ourselves on our ability to offer cost-effective leaflet delivery in Woodford E18 and similar areas. This is due to ourextensive local knowledge which is kept continually up to date by putting trainers on the streets and seeing the current state of any given street for ourselves. This knowledge is then distilled into our TPP proprietary mapping system.
In addition, we offer all our customers access to our unique TPP Mercury system which allows you to keep track of progress in real time and therefore to undertake your own random spot checks if you wish.

Alternatively you can just place your trust in our experienced and dedicated operatives and our network of back-checkers who fulfil the Postman’s promise of perfect delivery every time.

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