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Leaflet Distribution NW2

The NW2 spans from Kilburn and Brondebury on the south east side to Neasden in the North West and Brent Cross in the north corner of this diverse postcode. It consists of a wide variety of households with varying income levels.

The level of diversity in this area requires real knowledge of the on-the-ground situation. Running a leaflet distribution campaign will require a different strategy if we are to focus on the more affluent households between the Willesden Green and Kilburn stations or the different demographic we can find in Neasden. Since NW2 is a postcode neighbouring on our 'Home' postcode of NW10 it was one of the first areas we have mapped out and studied at the inception of the company. It also neighbours on one of the best areas for leaflet distribution in this part of London - NW6.
It is still one of the most important areas for us and we deliver tens of thousands of leaflets here every month.

Willesden Green

Willesden Green has become a rather desirable area to rent and buy homes for professionals working in the city. Thanks to the Jubilee line and the Overground being easily accessible by a five to ten minute walk the connection to Central London is impeccable.

The households that make up Willesden Green reside in predominantly larger 2+ bedroom homes. These often Victorian terraced houses line roads like Dartmouth Road or Teignmouth Road beautifully sometimes without interruption for up to a mile. This is basically a perfect ground for flyer delivery.

Leaflet Distribution NW1

GPS tracking becomes very easy as well since you can see all our distributors clearly walking into people's driveways and delivering leaflets all the way to and through people's front door. The distinct lack of apartment buildings is something very encouraging for any leaflet distribution company.

All companies targetting households looking for home and garden services should take note and investigate the possibility of running a leaflet campaign in this area.


Edgware road around which Crickelwood is based has been in the same or similar area since the Roman times. Crickelwood was a small settlement originally based on this Roman road.
Cricklewood is now a very lively area with many local businesses and a very busy high road.
Compared to Willesden Green the homes in this area are slightly smaller and are quite often multiple occupancy. We help many local restaurants and estate agents cover this area on weekly basis.

Leaflet Distribution NW1

Neasden, Dollis Hill and Staples corner

If one is looking to target homes with families in NW2 one of the best parts outside of Willesden Green is the area between Neasden, Gladstone Park and Staples corner. This triangle is filled with homes that perfectly fill the middle ground between the types of properties you can find in Willesden Green and Crickelwood. The houses here are larger that in Crickelwood and are in a more challenging, hilly terrain.

This is where our training and proprietary mapping system come into their own. Door to door distribution in challenging areas always relies on responsible planning from the operations team and flawless execution from the workers on the ground. We make sure to pay special attention to both of these aspect of the leaflet delivery business.

We at The Private Postman update our mapping system constantly to reflect the situation on the ground. In a dynamic postcode like NW2 with many fast changing and developing areas this is very important. We also work with a good number of distributors that are based in this area and know NW2 very well.


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