Leaflet distribution in Walthamstow E17

Who lives in Walthamstow E17?

Formerly a part of Essex, Walthamstow was absorbed into Greater London in 1965. As with many East London post codes, it has long been an affordable area which provided convenient travel options to central London while being too far out of the traditional “East End” to be considered a part of “proper” London. This still holds true to a large extent today. At the same time, continually-rising house prices in the centre combined with a new interest in the East of London, thanks to the Olympics, have brought areas such as Walthamstowback onto the radar of affluent property hunters, who are rediscovering the area's charms. One of these is its strong sense of community, which encourages incomers to integrate and settle.

There are actually quite a number of famous residents past and present in Walthamstow, arguably the most famous being William Morris although some might make a case for the members of 1990s boy-band East 17.

What is the character of Walthamstow E17

While the East End and Essex may both be the target of jokes from “proper” Londoners, there's actually a lot to like about Walthamstow. It sits between the Lee Valley and Epping Forest offering plenty of options to escape to somewhere greener, but is still on the Victoria Line and in the near vicinity of Blackhorse Road station and Stratford as well as numerous bus routes.

There is still a wide selection of Victorian and Edwardian houses at prices which are still affordable as well as newer developments. In addition to the famous Walthamstow market there is a thriving combination of chain stores and independent shops, plus there is a vibrant cultural scene. The E17 art trail is both well known and well respected and the area is or has been home to various influential bands in addition to the obvious one.

How can you help me with leaflet distribution in Walthamstow E17?

Walthamstow is an interesting area in that it is a combination of genuinely historic areas as well as continual, modern development. We pay close attention to this area so that our TPP proprietary mapping system is always up to date and contains all affluent areas and only affluent areas.

We also pay attention to the character of the developments. Unlike many central locations, Walthamstow still has a relatively high percentage of houses, as opposed to flats. This means, for example, that it is more likely that individual home owners will have responsibility for certain kinds of maintenance work, which would tend to be carried out by a leaseholder or management company in a block of flats. It also means that there are more domestic gardens. We can advise you on this.

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