Leaflet distribution in Waltham Forest E11

Who lives in Waltham Forest E11?

Waltham Forest E11 is somewhat unusual in that it is almost perfectly in line with official London demographics. About a quarter of local residents are under 18s, almost half are 18-44 and about a third are 45+. Just over half of households are either one-person households or couples without children, while about a quarter are couples with children. Less than half of local residents describe themselves as being associate professionals, professionals, managers or directors and average income is actually below the average for London as a whole.

In other words, in terms of leaflet delivery in London, this area is like the fabled curate's egg – good in parts. In spite of the fact that it's hardly a celebrity haunt these days it does have a few famous residents past and present. King Harold (1022 to 1066 loser of the Battle of Hastings) was believed to have lived in Leytonstone as have such diverse people as Sir Alfred Hitchcock, Fanny Craddock, Jonathan Ross, Derek Jacobi and David Beckham.

What is the character of Waltham Forest E11?

For many years Waltham Forest was essentially a commuter belt for those who earned enough to be reasonably close to central London, but not enough to pay for the particularly affluent post codes nearer the centre of the city. This still holds true today. Waltham Forest is, however, near to Stratford, i.e. the London 2012 Olympic area and therefore found itself brought back to attention as the East End was regenerated.

Waltham Forest does actually have plenty of natural charm, natural being the operative word, this area is just full of green spaces and is close to Epping Forest, making it attractive to families looking to bring up children in a less built-up environment and, of course, people with dogs. It also has decent transport links to central London via the central line and elsewhere courtesy of the North Circular Road and the M11. Putting all this together, it's easy to see why Waltham Forest E11 is starting to become a home-buying destination of choice for more affluent professionals.

How can you help me with leaflet distribution in Waltham Forest E11?

As the expert leaflet distributors in London, we literally make it our business to know where our customers can find customers. In other words, our TPP proprietary mapping system allows you to target new areas in a cost-effective manner. We only deliver to places where we know affluent customers actually live.

Keeping our maps up-to-date is an ongoing exercise. Basically if an area has come to our attention as being on its way up, then it's a safe bet that developers have noticed it too. Therefore we need to keep a constant watch on the area to ensure that we are always delivering to all the right houses and only the right houses.

It's also worth remembering that there's a difference between up-and-coming and modern. There are actually quite a few older properties in this area, in fact, they're often the most sought-after by affluent customers. So targeting affluent customers here means taking the time and making the effort to climb up the stairs to these properties.

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