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Leaflet distribution in Tottenham N15

Who lives in Tottenham N15?

Tottenham is a young area and by that we mean really young. The percentage of under 18s is way above that for London as a whole. The other age groups are, for the most part, slightly lower. Here is the interesting part, the number of households consisting of single parents with children is also massively higher than the London average. Single parents without children living with them are also an above-average demographic.

All other living arrangements such as multi-adult households, one person households and couples (with and without children) are lower. Just over a quarter of local residents describe themselves as associate professionals, professionals, managers or directors and average income is clearly lower than for London in general. Famous residents past and present include Adele (Adkins), Leslie Phillips and Shani Wallis.

What is the character of Tottenham N15?

Quite frankly if we had suggested leaflet delivery in Tottenham when the Private Postman was founded in 2009, people would probably have just stared at us in disbelief. Even today, as the previous paragraph demonstrates, Tottenham is hardly what you'd call a noticeably affluent area. Those who put their prejudices aside however and actually go and look at the place can be surprised by what it has to offer.

The obvious attraction is good-quality housing at prices which are still affordable combined with excellent transport links to central London. There are other reasons for living there. It has a vibrant community and is close to a canal and green spaces. It'll be a long time before Tottenham as a whole becomes accepted as a desirable post code, but frankly it's no longer a place your friends would be afraid to visit. That being so it is now starting to attract residents who would previously have headed to more desirable post codes.

How can you help me with leaflet distribution in Tottenham N15?

As you've probably guessed, we keep a close eye on areas like Tottenham. We want to ensure our customers get visibility with affluent customers without wasting leaflets on lower-income areas. With this in mind, keeping our proprietary TPP mapping system up to date is one of our top priorities.

Another priority is ensuring our rigorous quality standards are met so as well as training our operatives and ensuring they have the time needed to do the job, our back-checkers make their way out to every post code, no matter how far from the centre to ensure that the job is being done properly.

You're also welcome to carry out your own checks. We give you free access to our TPP Mercury system so you always know who isĀ delivering your leaflets, where and when.

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