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Leaflet Distribution NW8

The NW8 postcode is one of the best areas to distribute leaflets for many companies in London. It neighbours on West and South Hampstead from the North, Maida Vale and Little Venice from the West and Marylebone from the South. It is a very affluent area that was designed with large amount of living space in mind. Low density housing and the location have had a big impact on home prices which are considerably above the London average.

Leaflet Distribution NW8

A large majority of almost three quarters of residents of NW8 describe their positions as professionals, associate professionals, directors or managers.

It has traditionally had strong link to both people working in the entertainment industry and the Jewish Community. Other than the 2 famous NW8 synagogues some of the most notable cultural landmarks in NW8 are the Lord's Cricket Ground and the world-renown Abbey Road Studios.

Almost 75% of households in NW8 are adult-only and the over-60s make up more than one fifth of the residents here.

Running leaflet distribution campaigns in NW8 is one of the staples of our weekly schedule. We have carefully mapped out the whole area excluding the few inaccessible buildings and council properties. We are left with mostly traditional town-houses of which a considerable part has been converted to flats.

They are all easily reachable with clearly labelled letterboxes. The geographic make-up of NW8 also allows our GPS system to work flawlessly. Some of the cleanest distribution records come from Primrose Hill and St.John's Wood areas.

There are some areas with a high number of staircases that need to be tackled during distribution. Our leaflet distributors are however paid extra for the challenging areas and this helps us guarantee the highest quality deliveries every time.

Carefully mapping out some of the areas especially around Primrose Hill has been crucial in providing an effective service here. The number of side-streets and winding roads gives real charm to the neighbourhood. It poses some challenges for any leaflet distribution company looking to operate here.

When we cross off the council properties in this area and tackle the winding roads of Primrose Hill we are left with mostly Edwardian and Georgian town-houses lining some of the nicest streets in London. The NW8 area can evoke an almost village-like atmosphere with it's open spaces and parks. It is also very well connected to central London by being almost walking distance from Hyde Park.

We operate our shared distribution deliveries in NW8 on weekly basis and deliver up to 100,000 leaflets in this area every month. Some of the companies that benefit the most from advertising via leaflet distribution in NW8 are local restaurants, estate agents, sash window companies and cleaning companies. We also regularly run campaigns here for start-ups focused on the affluent London market.

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