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Leaflet distribution N12

The N12 postcode covers the area of North Finchley. It neighbours on Whetstone in the North, Mill Hill in the West, Finchley in the South and Arnos Grove in the East. N12 is very well connected with a variety of bus services running through it and connecting the locals with both central London and it's neighbouring areas in North London. The Woodside Park tube station allows the residents to access the Northern Line on the High Barnet branch which is an excellent way to get around London. It runs all the way from Edgware on one side and High Barnet on the other through central London where it branches out again and covers some of the most important cultural and transport hubs in the capital. On the other end it goes all the way down to Balham, Tooting and Morden in South London.

North Finchley is full of large detached homes and beautiful Victorian terraced houses. It is overall very spacious and has access to some amazing green areas. Woodside Park, Glebelands Wood Nature Reserve, Swan Lane Open Space, Friary Park and the North Middlesex Golf Club are all within it's borders. We can find some lovely opportunities for riverside walks here as well. This is also the case just outside the N12 border when one follows the Dollis Brook. This allows for a few miles of walking by the Brook in a beautiful green area that leads all the way up to Barnet.
Leaflet Distribution N12

Some 70% of the local population are adults of working age. Some 50% of these describe themselves as associate professionals, professionals, managers or directors. These numbers as well as the average income in the area is pretty much on par with London as a whole. It is a very good example of what a spacious London suburb can look like.
N12 has been an area of choice for many professionals working in Central London looking for more affordable properties and space for their family. The types of properties we'll find here as mentioned above are mostly either detached home or Victorian terraced houses. There are however still some Georgian homes and modern apartment buildings as well. Overall though the deliveries here can be made with pretty much minimal difficulty.

However to make your leaflet distribution here as cost-effective as possible we still use our mapping system here the same way we do all over London. Segmenting the postcode into group of 5000 households and making sure that each group is homogeneous in terms of demographics is as helpful here as it is in any other part of the capital.
It allows for great targeting and we can help guide you to the households that will be the most responsive to your services and products as possible.

The combination of this and our free leaflet design consultations will make sure that your campaigns are effective, targeted and run as smoothly as possible.

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