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Leaflet Distribution N10

The N10 postcode covers the area of Muswell Hill. It neighbours on North Finchley in the North, East Finchley in the West, Highgate in the South And Hornsey in the East.

It is very much an affluent postcode with over 70% of the locals describing themselves as associate professionals, professionals, managers and directors. Given this fact the average income in this postcode is considerably higher than the overall London average.

In many ways it's character is a combination of all the above mentioned areas it neighbours on. It is a relatively modern part of London with a vibrant culture. The architecture is mostly Edwardian with many terraced houses. This is also due to the fact that it has established the form we see it today only some 100 years ago. There are many green areas in Muswell Hill. Highgate Wood, Alexandra Park, Queens Wood, Crouch End Playing Fields, Muswell Hill Golf Club and Halliwick recreational grounds are all either in N10 or neighbour on it. More then one third of the properties in N10 have a domestic garden attached.

Leaflet Distribution N10

Thanks to all of this it has also become a favourite area for many famous people to buy homes. These range from Ozwald Boateng to Jess Glynne.
This is a big change considering that in the 1970s it has been almost exclusively seen as a working class area. But as many places in London the demographics can change quite drastically in relatively short amount of time and today it is one of the most desirable areas in London.

Muswell Hill can be a challenging area to distribute. There are not too many businesses or local authority buildings and basically no industrial areas. The main challenge in N10 is the terrain itself. It is a very hilly area. This combined with many stairs leading up to almost every single home creates a situation where distributors might be physically struggling with deliveries. We made sure to break N10 down to manageable chunks. While designing our mapping system we made sure to create groups of 4000-5000 households in such a way that the physical demands of the terrain do not take a toll on our distributors. We went as far as going through the N10 postcode road by road looking at the numbers of stairs and hills to create distribution areas that a single person can handle without getting too tired. We also make sure to pay our distributors extra if more difficult areas are needed to be services. This allows us to run a distribution where our workers do not feel tempted to skip houses or otherwise lower the quality of distribution.
We make sure to take care of the people we work with and in return we can offer the most reliable and quality distribution service in London.

Another thing we took into consideration when designing the mapping system for N10 are the types of properties that can be found here. Even though most of the homes in this postcode are in the Edwardian style there is still a variety of different building here. We try to create groups that are as homogeneous as possible when it comes to demographics, income levels and types of households. This allows us to offer a truly personalised and targetted leaflet distribution campaigns.

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