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Leaflet distribution in Mill Hill NW7

Who lives in Mill Hill NW7?

Mill Hill is a somewhat unusual area in that the demographics are squeezed in the middle so to speak. In other words, there is an above-average percentage of under-18s and 45+ but a lower-than-average percentage of 18-44s. There is also a significantly higher percentage of households consisting of couples (particularly couples with children) with a corresponding drop in one-person and multi-adult households.

About two thirds of local residents describe themselves as associate professionals, professionals, managers or directors, which is well above the London average and correspondingly average local income is about a third higher than for London as a whole. Famous residents past and present include racing drivers Graham and Damon Hill, abolitionist William Wilberforce and Dr. Who actor Patrick Troughton.

What is the character of Mill Hill NW7?
At current time Mill Hill is arguably a postcode of two halves. On the one hand there is the traditional Mill Hill Village and on the other there is the modern and vibrant Mill Hill Broadway. To this can be added Mill Hill East, which gives the impression of being something of an afterthought, an extra mini-branch on the Northern Line, but which is still a popular and affluent area. London developers, have, however, been eyeing Mill Hill NW7 as a “proposed area of intensification” (as designated by the office of the Mayor of London). While this proposed development has had backing from the local council, opinion among local residents is divided and it remains to be seen how the situation will develop. Whatever happens, it is highly unlikely that anyone will be allowed to jeopardize Mill Hill’s current standing in terms of affluence and popularity.

How can you help me with leaflet distribution in Mill Hill NW7?
First of all, we make sure that your leaflets are delivered to all affluent households and only affluent households. As we’ve previously mentioned, Mill Hill is an unusual area in some ways, one of which being that it is already established as an affluent area, but it is still very much in the process of development, such as the relatively recent establishment of Mill Hill East. We stay constantly on top of changes in this area and ensure that they are promptly reflected our proprietary TPP mapping system.
Secondly, effective leaflet delivery in Mill Hill starts with effective leaflets we are happy to help you to create them.

As a minimum, please ask us to double-check your leaflets to ensure you have avoided common leafleting mistakes. We offer this service for free to all our clients.
On the subject of leafleting mistakes, we’ve learned how to avoid common issues which affect leaflet deliveries. For example, we work around the great British weather rather than trying to ignore it and soldier on. We are flexible enough to be able to suspend deliveries during rainy periods, as it is the only way to ensure that leaflets arrive in perfect condition. Simply ploughing on with leaflet delivery regardless may get a job done more quickly, but it will almost inevitably result in leaflets getting wet and soggy leaflets will not just probably go straight into the recycling bin but may actually annoy people to the point that they will simply refuse to give you their custom on point of principle.

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