Leaflet distribution in London E12

Who lives in Manor Park E12?

Formerly a part of Essex and now blended into Greater London, Manor Park is another East London area which is undergoing a resurgence due to a combination of the London 2012 Olympics and Crossrail. Traditionally this has been an area with a huge Asian influence, with over half the local population being of Indian, Bangladeshi or Pakistani origin.

It has also been a relatively low-income area with more than half the local population being considered C2,D/E and less than a fifth being classed as ABs. These influences are still very much in evidence, which means that carrying out cost-effective leaflet delivery in London E12 means focussing very precisely on the specific areas which attract affluent long-term residents and incomers.

What is the character of Manor Park E12?

For much of its history, East London has been a place where people lived because they couldn't afford anywhere better. It was a hub for new immigrants, many of whom arrived with little, or nothing, more than the clothes on their backs – hence the high Asian population. Look into books which give a (more or less) accurate reflection of London at various points in history and you'll struggle to find the East End portrayed in flattering terms. It was, not to put too fine a point on it, an area of drink, debauchery and crime and while that could have been said of several parts of London at various points in history, the East End somehow always found itself at the bottom of any heap and the last in line for any benefits.

From that point of view, it could be argued that hosting the Olympics was a long-overdue rebalancing. It undeniably gave momentum to the movement to clean up and spruce up the old East End. It also highlighted that the transport options in this area are already good and set to get better. Manor Park is only 3 stops from Stratford, which has 2 Tube lines, the DLR and an overground route, plus it is due to form part of the Crossrail route. Since housing in this area is still relatively affordable, it's hardly surprising that a new generation of affluent home-buyers (and renters) and heading East.

How can you help me with leaflet distribution in London E12?

As the expert leaflet distributors in London, we work very hard to stay on top of local developments, particularly in rapidly-changing areas such as Manor Park E12. We make sure that your leaflets are delivered to all the right properties and only the right properties so you get the coverage you need at the most affordable price.

We offer you complete visibility of your leaflet distributioncampaign. Feel free to carry out any spot checks you like or to contact us at any time (during working hours) for an update or to ask any questions.

If you need help designing your leaflet, please let us know. As well as our general skills in leaflet design, we can make sure you're aware of any local specifics, such as the fact that Manor Park is a predominantly Muslim area, so that you can make sure your leaflets are appropriate. We can also help you to get your leaflets printed at a great price.

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