Leaflet delivery in Leyton and Hackney Marshes E10

Who lives in Leyton and Hackney Marshes E10?

The E10 post code area contains a number of districts including Leyton, Temple Mills, Hackney Marshes, Upper Clapton and Walthamstow Marshes. These areas have traditionally been associated with affordable housing and to a large extent they still are. Less than half the residents in E10 are ABC1s. However the area has had the benefit of the Olympic boost. Quite simply the London 2012 Olympics did a lot to regenerate East London and even areas which were outside the Olympic Park area are showing definite signs of growing affluence due to the ripple effect. Now almost three quarters of residents in E10 are in full-time employment and only a small percentage have no qualifications at all.

What is the character of Leyton and Hackney Marshes E10?

The E10 area, like much of East London, is ethnically diverse. It has traditionally attracted people in search of affordable housing options and even today this is still part of its appeal. As an up-and-coming post code area, you can get more house for less money than in post codes where there is greater affluence overall, e.g. NW3. The key change is that E10 has now become a place to which affluent people are moving because they see it as both attractive and affordable. In short, incoming residents see E10 as a post code with long-term prospects and that's essentially how we see it too.

How can you help me with leaflet delivery in Leyton and Hackney Marshes E10?

As the expert leaflet distributors in London, we understand the importance of being able to offer cost-effective leaflet distribution in areas like E10. In simple terms you want to establish a relationship with current affluent customers before the competition does. This means that you need to know where they are, or to work with a partner who does. Without this local knowledge you will either spend a lot of time and money on leaflets which will essentially be wasted or have to pass on an opportunity to gain new business in markets which are quite possibly under-served at this time.

We achieve this precise delivery thanks to our TPP proprietary mapping system, of which we are extremely proud. Our local presence means that we are the first to know about changes on the ground in London and we make sure that the developments which are a feature of London life are promptly integrated into our maps. This is particularly important in developing post code areas such as E10.

To save you even more money, we have connections with some of the biggest print houses in Europe and can help you get great deals with them. Just get in touch with us and we'll be happy to help.

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