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Leaflet Distribution SW12

The SW12 postcode covers the area of Balham and South Clapham. It neighbours on Battersea and the SW11 postcode in the north-west. Clapham is it's North-Eastern neighbour, Tooting can be found South-West from SW12 and Stretham to the East.

It is one of the more leaflet-friendly areas of London. It includes some amazing green areas like Wandsworth Common, Clapham Common and Tooting Bec Common. This together with it's great transport connections to Central London via the Northern Line from the Balham and Clapham Tube stations has resulted in many London professionals have moved down to Balham with their families.

SW12 itself doesn't have a large number of parks or green areas within it's border. There is however a variety of parks that are accessible on foot for all the SW12 residents. Tooting Bec Common, Agnes Riley Gardens, Clapham Common and Wandsworth Common are located right around the postcode border and anyone living within SW12 will be within a 10 minute walking distance of one of these parks.

SW12 is very well connected with public transportation. A variety of bus services operates in Balham, Clapham South and Balham underground stations run the Northern Line Services and Wandsworth common allows the locals access to the Southern Rail Services.

We can start at the north-western corner of this postcode. This area neighbours on SW11, Clapham and Wandsworth Common. It is very similar in it's character to it's SW11 neighbour. You can find endless roads lined by Victorian and Georgian terraced houses here. The density of families with young children moving into this area has contributed to it's nickname 'Nappy Valley'. This part of Balham is perfect for families due to it's proximity to some of the nicest green areas in South London. It is also very well connected to places in an out of London thanks to the Wandsworth Common train station.

If we move down South towards the Balham tube station we find ourselves in a very lively part of South London. Many historic music venues like 'The Bedford' can be found here together with local cinemas, markets and the general amenities associated with a busy London high-street. The Balham Leisure centre can be found here and as such this is the cultural centre of SW12.

When moving towards Stretham in the West we will find the architecture turning distinctly Victorian. Hundreds of Victorian terraced houses line the streets here and any company that focuses on household or building services should not overlook this part of London for leaflet distribution.

Leaflet Distribution SW12

Since the whole of SW12 is full of terraced houses with very easily accessible letterboxes it is one of the easiest to deliver postcodes in London. There are very few apartment buildings with complicated access and as such it allows us to get a high penetration of the local market. We run regular campaigns for many local restaurants, events and live music places here.
Since SW12 has some of the highest proportion of young families living in it many of our clients that focus on education and serviced related to children find flyer distribution very effective here.

Some of the distributors that works with us also live locally and as such provide us with unparalleled levels of local knowledge. This together with the fact that these individuals do not need to travel far for their deliveries maximizes the quality of delivery. Some of the other systems we have in place to make sure that your leaflets are delivered in perfect state focus on not folding the leaflets unless absolutely necessary and not delivering in the rain.

All our distributors always carry GPS devices that track their movement through the delivery area. All of the GPS files are then later checked in our office by a team of people specifically trained to look for anomalies, skipped houses or any other issues. We also provide the raw GPS files to our clients after every round of distribution is finished.
These files are very high resolution and such allow our clients to see the distributor walking up to each individual house.  This combined with the fact that our system updates every client in real time about the exact location and timing of their deliveries creates the most transparent distribution system in London.

This way you can be sure that we are not only going to deliver all your leaflets but that they will reach the residents of Balham in the best shape possible.

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