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Leaflet distribution NW5

Leaflet Distribution NW5

The NW5 postcode is a demographically interesting area. It is surrounded by Hampstead from the West, Camden in the south and Highgate from the North. These are some of the more affluent areas in North-West London. NW5 itself contains Kentish Town and a part of Gospel Oak and Tufnell park.

It has historically been a working class area however in the last twenty years NW5 has become mostly populated by well-to-do households. Large percentage of the residents of NW5 are over sixty years old. This is quite unusual for any area in London. It however offers some interesting opportunities since older demographics are quite receptive to leaflet distribution campaigns. They are also difficult to target in other more hi-tech ways. Google ads and social media are not very effective ways of reaching people over sixty years old compared to leaflet distribution.

Approximately two thirds of households are one person households or couples with children. Since the very high prices of real estate in the surrounding areas have been growing continuously for a very long time many professionals starting families choose to live in NW5. Even so, the average income in this postcode is approximately a quarter higher then the London average.


Dartmouth Park

Dartmouth Park is the only area of the postcode that basically doesn't have any council properties within it. As such we cover it in full in our distribution rounds.

The houses and letterboxes are very easily approachable in NW5. This in combination with the demographic puts together a postcode that is fantastic for leaflet distribution. Well-to-do households, older residents and young families with children make up the backbone of NW5. These are the perfect targets for a well constructed leaflet distribution campaign.

Leaflet Distribution NW3

The geographic make up of NW5 lends itself to a seamless use of our GPS mapping as well. Some of our distributors also live in this area.

Another things of note is the amount of Georgian terraced houses that can be found in NW5. This is a particularly useful piece of information for many of our clients that focus on services related to the household. Many window companies, kitchen or building companies can target their leaflet design specifically to the types of homes that their leaflets will be delivered to. Delivering flyers in this way can give a company a real competitive edge. We have experts on our staff that can help you both with the analysis of a give area as well as with your design.


Tufnell Park

Tufnell Park is mostly situated in the Eastern part of NW5. It has some of the largest houses in the postcodes. There are many semi-detached or Georgian residential buildings here that are sometimes split into multiple flats but often these houses are occupied by a single family.

This is not to overlook the fact that there is a good amount of social housing and council owned properties in this area.
This has resulted in us removing close to one fourth of the households in NW5 from our bespoke mapping system. This is done in order to minimize the costs for our clients and target only the households that will potentially be interested in the services offered on the flyers we are delivering.

Belsize Park

Belsize Park covers the South-Western part of the postcode and it is a great example of how the mix of council properties and higher-income households in Georgian and Victorian Terraced houses creates a situation where a good mapping system is imperative.

We have also taken great care to properly train all the distributors that area undertaking deliveries in NW5. This is both to understand how to navigate this postcode and to ensure they know that they might encounter a slightly higher than average numbers of stairs in NW5. Even though the houses are easy to reach it does take work in this postcode.

We keep this in mind and we inform our distributors of this fact ahead of time. On top of this we pay bonuses for areas with a physically challenging terrain. This is the best way to avoid any issues one might encounter when trying to tackle a difficult area.

We guarantee a perfect delivery every time.


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