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Leaflet Distribution N1

N1 is one of the more famous London postcodes. It is relatively large compared to other postal areas in London and covers Barnsbury to the West, Canonbury to the North, Islington and Angel to the South, Shoreditch and Kingsland to the East.

More than half of the population here is in the 18-44 age groups and a huge percentage of it's residents are young professionals working in the City. Some three-quarters of the households here are either single occupancy, multi adult or couples without children with the average income being approximately quarter higher than the London average.

N1 neighbours on Highbury in the North, Hackney in the East, Clerkenwell in the South and Camden in the West. Somehow ironically it used to be a rural area where people moved to escape the challenges of some of the more industrial and busy areas of London. Nowadays it is one of the most built-up part of London with high streets, restaurants, clubs and high density housing.

Due to it's location, N1 is not a very green postcode compared to some of the areas further from the city centre. Shoreditch Park, Barnard Park, Thornhill Square, Bingfield Park, Edward Square, Barnbury Square Garden and Rosemary Gardens are some of the parks and green areas here that the locals can visit even though they generally quite small.

The transport links here are excellent. The larger transport hubs that are accessible here are King's Cross St. Pancras, Old Street and Highbury and Islington Stations. These provide both access to the London Underground and Train Services in and out of the capital.

Even though the overall character of N1 could be described as and area where young people and professionals move to, when they want to enjoy the hustle and bustle of a busy city there is still variety in this postcode.

Leaflet Distribution N1

We can start in the Western corner of N4 which includes the area of Barnsbury. This is going to be one of those places that hugely benefits from a well designed mapping system. We have taken out the large apartment building and social housing from our system and are targetting only the residential areas with accessible homes. This leaves us with some amazing areas like Thornhill Square, the roads around Barnard Park or Barnsbury Square Gardens. These are going to be some of the best areas for leaflet distribution in Central London.

Angel and Islington on the South side of the postcode are a similar case. There are many large apartment buildings, busy high roads and some social housing as well. We have spent large amounts of time analysing this area and devising a mapping system that focuses on some of the nicest parts of Angel and Islington. Specifically the areas West of Essex Road and Upper Street provide us with great residential areas with very easily accessible homes. There is a reasonable number of steps to be conquered here for any distributors but our Private Postman are well informed of this in advance and the maps in this area take this into consideration in order to not overload any one Postman with and area that's too physically demanding to deliver.

We are still left with the area of Shoreditch and Hoxton which are not the best parts of London for leaflet distribution. We would either be battling a lack of residential properties in Shoreditch which is full of busy high roads, restaurants and businesses or large council properties in the New Era Estate area which are basically inaccessible to any leaflet distribution company.

One of the parts of N1 that is perfect for leaflet distribution is the area of Canonbury. This covers the northern part of the postcode and includes many Georgian terraced houses with younger households with children. The stairs might again be a challenge but as mentioned before this is something that we always keep in mind to maximize the quality of your deliveries.

Every distributor that is delivering leaflets for us in the N1 postcode receives the distribution maps for their area ahead of time to make sure they have an opportunity to study the area and plan their weekly distributions. This combined with our training and the fact that we make sure to have our distributors work as locally to their home as possible allows us to be very effective in running leaflet distribution campaigns. Local knowledge is a huge part of the equation and it is something we pride ourselves on.
Confusion at the point of delivery is the main source of mistakes in many campaigns and our systems make sure to eliminate these as effectively as possible.

We also have a variety of rules in place to maximize the quality of deliveries in general. These rules are not location specific and include not delivering in the rain or never folding leaflets unless absolutely necessary (Some properties have small letterboxes). We also make sure to help our distributors plan their routes ahead of time and we disincentivise taking on too many deliveries in a single day. Even the most conscientious person will start making mistakes after too many hours of delivering. We therefore keep some limiting rules about how many leaflets our distributors should be delivering in a single day. All these rules make sure that we not only deliver all your leaflets to the perfect part of London at the perfect time but also in perfect condition. This last element of leaflet distribution can sometimes be overlooked but it is one that can make or brake a flyer campaign.

N1 is a very diverse postcode with many different areas and challenges when it comes to planning an effective leaflet distribution campaign. Please get in touch with us and our experts will help you decide how your campaign in N1 should be structured.


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