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Leaflet distribution N5

N5 can be a deceptive postcode when it comes to leaflet distribution. It is technically a part of the Islington District in many ways it resembles neighbouring Hampstead more. The architecture is very similar with many Victorian terraced houses lining the streets. The demographics are also quite similar to its NW3 neighbour. Over three-quarters of the residents of N5 describe themselves as associate professionals, managers or directors. This is connected to the almost 20% higher average income compared to the rest of London. Among the famous residents you can find Boris Johnson or Clive Anderson.

Highbury was developed fairly recently. Specifically in the 18th century many wealthy people started building lage homes and Italian style villas in this area. In the 19th century the Victorian terraced houses started appearing in N5. This again highlight it's similarity to Hampstead and distinguished Highbury from Islington when it comes to architecture and density of population. Islington is one of the most densely populated parts of London while Highbury is almost the opposite. Even though some of the most impressive homes and buildings were either destroyed during the second world war or demolished in order to make way for more dense Victorian terraced housing much of the 18th century spirit is still present in N5.

Leaflet Distribution N5

Some of the differences between Hampstead and Highbury are very relevant to leaflet distribution.

It is a younger postcode when it comes to the demographics. Over half of the population is aged 18-44 and only a quarter over 45. It is also considerably easier to navigate. The terrain is more friendly for leaflet distributors on the ground physically delivering your leaflets. This doesn't mean we are any less careful on checking that all deliveries are made correctly. We have our supervisors making regular checks on every single delivery that takes place. We also make sure that we do not deliver your leaflets in rain or snow to avoid damaging the paper. Our distributors are also instructed and trained to not fold leaflets unless absolutely necessary.

One of the challenges in delivering leaflets in Highbury is the number of stairs leading up to many homes and letterboxes in this areas. This will have an impact on how fast the deliveries can be executed and we generally make sure to communicate this to our clients. N5 is not an ideal area to run a last minute drop before an even that needs to be finished in a couple of days. Highbury is one our bonus areas where our workers often get paid extra for tackling the difficult staircases. For best results and to avoid disappointment we recommend planning your campaign ahead of time with enough time to spare for the advertised event of national holiday.

We have excluded all the businesses from our mapping system in N5. This is a standard practice but the density of businesses in Highbury makes this specifically note-worthy. If you are looking to potentially run a business to business distribution campaign we can help you with the overall planning and execution as well. Please feel free to speak to one of our experts to find out what we can do for you.

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