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Leaflet distribution in High Barnet EN5

Who lives in High Barnet EN5?

High Barnet is an area with an older demographic. The 45+ age group is more represented than for London as a whole and the 60+ age group particularly so. There is only a slight reduction in the number of under 18s, the real drop is the 18-44 age group. In other words, this is a place where people often go when they are ready to start a family or who are looking for more space for growing children. Those children then turn into young adults and fly the nest, although they may come back when they are ready to start raising their own family.

Correspondingly the number of people living as couples with or without children (particularly with) is well above the London average, with drops in other types of living arrangements. About two thirds of local adults describe themselves as associate professionals, professionals, managers or directors, which is somewhat above the trend for London as a whole and average income is about a quarter higher than for London overall. Famous residents past and present include Stephanie Beacham, Emma Bunton, Margaret Thatcher (the local MP) and Harry Beck creator of the first map of the Tube. In fiction, High Barnet was the place where Oliver Twist met the Artful Dodger.

What is the character of High Barnet EN5?

High Barnet is a name which will be very familiar to anyone who travels regularly on the Northern Line. It’s the end of one of its branches. It also has a nearby mainline station. This sums up a fairly major element of High Barnet’s appeal to affluent professionals. Basically if you want easy access to the big city but would really prefer to live in a village, albeit one with a lot of modern conveniences, then High Barnet is a great choice. It’s alternative name of Chipping Barnet gives a good impression of the flavour of the place. A glance at its High Street will give you the feeling of having stepped back in time - unless it’s busy in which case all the modern, luxury cars will bring you straight back to the present. The area has plenty of open spaces for various sports and it’s famous for its wide selection of pubs, presumably for post-game discussions.

How can you help me with leaflet distribution in High Barnet EN5?

Our famous TPP mapping system proves its worth here and allows us to trim down this area to the parts which really matter. About two thirds of High Barnet is clearly affluent, we save you money by taking out the third which is a lower-income demographic.

EN5 and the general High Barnet areas is something any distribution company needs to pay extra attention to. A large number of working professionals from London have been building and buying larger properties in this area recently and have substantially changed the target demographics of some of the areas in EN5. We at The Private Postman have spent a considerable amount of time testing and studying this EN5 and how an effective leaflet distribution campaign can be run for a variety of clients here. Our system in EN5 is quite closely tied to the postcode sectors delineated by the government and this allows to run a very effective and accurate campaigns.

We can also save you money by using our contacts with print houses across Europe to get you the best possible deal on printing.

To make leaflet delivery in High Barnet EN5 even more economical,we can deliver your leaflets along with leaflets from up to 2 other high-end businesses in different industries. All our clients are high-end SMEs so you’ll always be in good company.

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