Leaflet distribution in Forest Gate E8

Who lives in Forest Gate E8?

This is another really young area, by which we mean that over half of local residents are under 30. There are lots of multi-adult households (i.e. shared houses) and also an above-average number of single parents with children and couples with children. Interestingly the number of one-person households and couples without children is actually lower than for London as a whole. Only about a third of residents describe themselves as associate professionals, professionals, managers or directors and average income is actually lower than for London overall.
Forest Gate neighbours on Stamford Hill in the East.

There are actually quite a few notable residents past and present, including boxer Lennox Lewis, Olympic rower Mark Hunter, Dame Anna Neagle, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Idris Elba. Lesser known figures include caravan designer Sam Alper and Jane Rebecca Yorke, a well-known medium who was the last person in England to be convicted under the Witchcraft Act of 1735, she was convicted in 1944 and her punishment was a fine rather than being burned at the stake.

What is the character of Forest Gate E8?

Forest Gate is currently being rediscovered both as a place to live and as a place from which to commute to central London. As well as having its own railway station, Forest Gate is but a short bus-ride or longer walk to Stratford with its many transport options. Additionally it is due to get its own Crossrail station. At the moment Forest Gate has a small number of attractive and affluent areas such as The Woodgrange Estate and Forest Gate “village” and local authority houses, particularly blocks of flats. It is, however, attracting the attention of developers, which is why we are monitoring it so closely.

As its name suggests Forest Gate is close to Epping Forest, in fact it was once the location of a gate into the forest, hence the name. It therefore has the potential to become an area of a great deal of interest to people who work in the city, but prefer to live somewhere quieter and greener.

How can you help me with leaflet distribution in Forest Gate E8?

As always, we pay particularly close attention to up-and-coming areas like Forest Gate. We pride ourselves on being able to offer our customers cost effective leaflet delivery in London post codes where they can benefit from “first-to-market” advantage in areas in which affluent customers are more likely to be under-served. We therefore make sure we target exactly the right areas and only those areas.

We can also make you aware of any local characteristics which could affect your campaign. For example Forest Gate currently has an above-average number of properties with domestic gardens. This may change as the area is developed.

Knowing your audience is a key part of leaflet creation, but there are other important points, which may be missed by people used to designing for the web. We'll happily give you a free consultation to ensure that your leaflet is as effective as it can possibly be and can help you to get a great deal on printing too.

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