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Leaflet distribution N3

N3 includes the areas of Finchley Central and Church End. It neighbours on NW11 with Temple Fortune and Hampstead Garden Suburbs from the South. Hendon and Mill Hill East are it's Western Neighbours and as you would expect North Finchley and East Finchley neighbour the N3 areas from North and East respectively.

Finchley Central and Church End have a demographic slightly older than the London average. A quarter of the homes in Finchley are families with children. Almost seventy percent of the local residents describe themselves as associate professionals, professionals, managers or directors. This results in the average income in N3 being approximately 25% above London average.
N3 has a very significant Jewish community same as some of it's neighbouring postcodes. Among the past famous residents you can find Margaret Thatcher, George Michael or Charles Dickens.

Leaflet Distribution N3

Both Finchley Central and Church End are mostly affluent areas. Approximately one third of this postcode doesn't necessarily fit this description which is addressed in our mapping system. We always make sure to break down each London area into maps of approximately five thousand households. The individual maps are Groups and they have their own coded system. For example Group 66 or Group 103. Each group is structured to include a fairly homogeneous demographic. Whether this is relating to the types of properties that can be found within it or the affluence of it's inhabitants.

N3 is full of larger homes with very easily accessible letterboxes. This helps with the ease of delivery and the percentage of homes we can reach with your leaflets. N3 is one of the prime areas for leaflet distribution in London.

The numbers of parks and green spaces that include sporting grounds and children play areas are substantially above the London average. You can find some of the better golf courses in London here and many football and rugby teams. The schools in this area are also highly regarded. All of this is connected to the fact that Finchley has been a favourite area to buy a home for busy professionals working in the city centre since the late 19th century. The northern line and West Finchley and Central Finchley tube stops allow for an easy access to important central London hubs like Bank, London Bridge or Tottentham Court Road.

Same as in all other areas we cover we have excluded all businesses and local authority buildings from our mapping system in N3. This allows us to run slightly lower numbers of leaflets compared to the official household Royal Mail figures and save you money this way. We also adjust the numbers of leaflet needed for a given area based on our monitoring efforts of leftover leaflets after each delivery. This gives us the ability to run the most cost-effective leaflet distribution service possible. We understand that the investment all of our clients put into printing and designing their leaflets should not be wasted on inefficient deliveries to undesirable locations. We make sure to focus all of our resources on doing effective deliveries to high interest households.

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