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Door to Door Distribution in London

Welcome to the state of the art system from The Private Postman, we are one of the leaders in door to door distribution in London. The Private Postman are the industry innovators for GPS door to door leaflet distribution in London.

We operate the ‘TPP Blueprint GPS Tracker System and have built up the best system in London for door to door leaflet delivery, and flyer distribution.

The Private Postman are one of the most well regarded companies for door to door distribution in London, with many high-end clients and testimonies from some of London’s industry leaders. This is thanks to many years' worth of effort put into working for these companies. Our reputation is that we have the only ‘bullet–proof’ system going!

Working with many regular clients, who have used door to door distributors for for over 30 years, we have found that it’s not all about getting the hits in! Yes of course that is a major part of it, but in long-term business there are complications and sometimes things can go wrong as we all know.

Two of our long-term clients had problems in their sales and it was only thanks to TPP’s ability to run very in-depth statistics that we found a change in their leaflets over the last year to be the EXACT cause in their drop in sales.

TPP’s ability to run these statistics is thanks to our unique systemThe TPP mapping System.Once we are given the month’s HITS in postcodes, we have the ability to pinpoint where and when a leaflet was put out and by what operative!

This gives us a massive edge over the endless companies who can never get anywhere near TPP. As regular users of door to door know it's not just about the hits – it's about putting things right when they go wrong ! AND FAST ! No one in the industry has a better record for the FACT FINDING we go into if the worst happens and sales fall.

We are the only company in the UK to have our own mapping system which excludes council houses and no-drop zones saving our trained operatives time on the road, so they get around their walks perfectly and on time. In this game, if your operatives are taking too long to make their deliveries, that is where the endless problems start. It’s all about the system!

The delivery system needs to be set up so the walks or rounds are NOT TOO LONG OR NEVER ENDING, as this will cause the operatives to lose faith in the door to door distributors. It will show the operatives that the company they are working for does not know what they are doing.
FACT: Some our our staff have been with us for 3 years or more - that is unheard of in this industry.

You see, for the operatives this is NOT a full time job with full time money – this is, in fact, a part time job where EVERY OPERATIVE IN THE UK will be doing something else with their life as well. It’s for that reason we that we have set up a system to ensure that our expertly-trained TPP operatives not only earn the most money in London for door to door leaflet delivery, but also that they do so in 3-4 hours a day – in their own time frame. It’s a fact that we have the happiest leaflet professionals in LONDON.

The Private Postman offers state of the art door to door leaflet delivery for the most affluent postcodes in London. As we're sure you have realised, our combined 30 years experience as Royal Mail Postmen, coupled with our state of the art system, means that we do in fact know exactly what we are doing so the next step is simple. Thanks for reading, we look forward to working with you.

Mark Redmond - (Former Royal Mail Postman)

Founder of TPP -The Private Postman.

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