Door to Door Distribution in London

Door to Door Distribution in London mapping

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Welcome to the state of the art system from The Private Postman. One of the leaders in door to door distribution in London.

The Private Postman are the industry innovators for GPS door to door leaflet distribution in London.

We operate a unique GPS Tracking System that we combine with live notifications to our clients and regular on-the-ground supervisor checks.

Its effectiveness is evidenced by the many positive testimonies from our clients which include leaders of many industries.

As we regularly work with clients that have used door to door distribution for decades we know which metrics to focus on.

Responses and hits are very important. However in long-term business the ability to fix issues and solve problems when they occur is equally important for a leaflet distributor.

Door to Door Distribution in London

Door to Door Distribution in London
Door to Door Distribution in London

Leaflet effectiveness

We regularly conduct reviews and analyses of our clients leaflet campaigns. This includes previous door to door drops you might have conducted as well as your future and current plans.

This way we can often pinpoint the exact reasons for potential issues and make sure to avoid them in your future door to door campaigns.
Our approach might look something like this

1. We analyse the client’s desired outcome of the campaign

This might seem trivial but clearly defining what each door to door drop is meant to achieve is important.

The most important element of this is to keep the goal simple and clear.

If you are running a gym you might want to get more clients in your weekday Yoga morning class.
Or maybe you want to up your overall membership over the period of six months.

Or maybe you want more people attending an evening kettlebell class.
Each of these goals is going to require a different approach to your advertising. That’s why we help you identify and clarify the goal of your campaign first.

2. Decide on the budget

What is the budget you have for door to door advertising for this month, the next six months or the next year?

These are important questions to ask as all of your expectations and plans have to be informed by how much money you can spend.

In general we prefer planning repeated campaigns in smaller areas to large single drops. So even if your budget is not large we would aim to spread it into at least a couple of drops in your area.

3. Decide on the area

Deciding on which parts of London your door to door campaign is going to target is a very detailed process.

It is very important that we do not rush this step and take it seriously.

We help you analyse your ideal target clients and where they live. We then overlay this selection over areas that are geographically suitable for you.

From here we can narrow our selection further based on your input and budget.

This way you can deliver your leaflets only to the households that are going to be interested in your services.

If we succeed at eliminating all the households that you shouldn’t be targeting you save money and can spend more resources targeting the right homes.

This is when door to door distribution becomes a very powerful tool.

4. Design

What your leaflets look like is going to be very impactful on the results of your door to door drops.

We have a design team on staff that can help either tweak or design your leaflet from scratch.

You always want a professional to at least have a look at your leaflet before you start printing.
After we have gone through this process we still carefully track each campaign as it is happening.

Statistics and industry specific know-how are both important. The combination of tracking, graphic design experience and up-to-date knowledge of the on-the-ground situation in London allow us to advise our clients on their campaigns long-term.

TPP’s ability to do this is thanks to our unique system – The TPP mapping System.

Door to Door Distribution in London mapping

Mapping for door to door mail delivery

We are the only company in the UK with our own mapping system that excludes council houses and no-drop zones. This saves our trained operatives time on the road and our clients money.

Making sure to avoid all the addresses a distributor can’t deliver to (businesses, council properties, industrial areas) helps make sure we don’t waste any of your leaflets.

Sometimes up to 20% of addresses in a given postcode can be impossible to deliver to. If your leaflet distribution company doesn’t exclude these, your leaflets are being wasted.

It’s equally important for us to not waste your money or our distributor’s time and energy.
In this game, if your operatives are taking too long to make their deliveries because of bad maps, problems can start creeping in. It’s all about the system!

The mail delivery system needs to be set up in such a way that the delivery walks or rounds are not too long.

Failure to do this will cause the operatives to feel fatigued and demoralised.

When the individual distributors are wasting time walking into roads with no letterboxes their morale will suffer.

We take this seriously. No system can run well with a demoralised workforce.

FACT: Some of our staff have been with us for 3 years or more. That is unheard of in this industry.

Door to Door Distribution in London

The Private Postmen

For most operatives delivering pamphlets is NOT a full time job. Door to door distributors generally work a few hours a day.

Almost every operative in the uk will be doing something else with their life on top of their door to door deliveries.

It is for that reason we have set up a system to ensure that our expertly-trained TPP operatives not only earn the most money in London for door to door leaflet delivery, but also that they do so in 3-4 hours a day.

Thanks to this we have the happiest and most loyal leaflet professionals in London and the whole of the UK.

We tend to work with mature people, many of whom have families. We never work with agency workers.

Every Private Postman and woman goes through training with our founder and MD Mark Redmond who is an ex-Private Postman himself.

The goal for us is always to work with distributors on a long-term basis. Developing relationships with our workforce and mutual respect.

On a practical level this turns into high quality door to door delivery for our clients.

Our distributors are the best in London and you will see this reflected in the response to your door to door campaigns.

Door to Door Distribution in London

Door to door

There is more than one way to structure a door to door campaign.

There are solus drops where only a single leaflet is delivered through each door.

There are shared drops with multiple flyers being delivered at a time.

You can have your leaflets delivered to a small area multiple times or to a larger area once.

You can target individual roads or whole postcodes with door to door campaigns.

Without going into too much detail about each of these options we tend to recommend the following approach to almost all of our clients.

Door to Door Distribution in London

The Private Postman way

1. Always use Shared delivery if possible. It is cheaper and equally effective as Solus drops.

2. Select the areas for your campaigns in pre-prepared blocks of 5,000 addresses from our mapping system. The way we organise these considers both geographical areas as well as demographics.

3. Deliver to a smaller area twice rather than to a larger area once. Repeated drops are great for increasing your response rates and are going to be almost always the best option for you.

Door to Door Distribution in London

Dealing with issues

As regular users of door to door know it's not just about responses – it's about putting things right when they go wrong! Thanks to our tracking systems and data collection, we can analyse any issues that come up in great detail.

If there is ever a complaint from a resident we have the ability to blacklist an address from our system. This way we can avoid delivering to an unhappy recipient more than once.

We’ve based all of our operations in London and as such we can deal with issues in person and immediately if needed.

Door to Door Distribution in London

The Private Postman offers state of the art door to door leaflet mail delivery for the most affluent postcodes in London.

Our combined 30 years experience as Royal Mail Postmen, coupled with our state of the art system, means that we can make your door to door campaign a success.

The next step is simple. Thanks for reading, we look forward to working with you.

Mark Redmond - (Former Royal Mail Postman)

Founder of TPP -The Private Postman.

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