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Leaflet Distribution SW11

The SW11 postcode covers the area of Battersea. It neighbours on Chelsea in the north, Wandsworth in the West, Balham in the South and Clapham in the east. Like it's eastern neighbour it is a relatively young postcode by London standards. Over 75% of residents here are 44 years old or younger. A good number of households in SW11 are one person or households or couples with children and about 75% of the locals describe themselves as associate professionals, professionals, managers or directors. The average income in SW11 is considerably higher than the rest of London.

As you can tell Battersea is an area where many young city professionals live and commute to the city and start families. As such it has a fairly specific demographic responsive to specific services. If your business falls into this category targetting SW11 is a must. Given it's location there is a large number of easily accessible terraced mostly Victorian houses. In many ways it resembles it's neighbours Clapham and Balham.
It also has a good number of green spaces either in SW11 or directly neighbouring on it. Battersea Park is the most obvious example but Falcon Park and York Gardens are also located close to the centre of SW11.
Wandsworth Common and Clapham Common are both walking distance from most places in Battersea. The area directly in between these two parks is one of the best places for leaflet distribution in South London.

Battersea is well connected both with Central London and other places outside of the capital. Clapham Junction located right in the heart of SW11 allows access to the London Overground, South Western Railway as well Southern and Thameslink services. Battersea Park and Queenstown Road stations are easier to access for the Eastern part of the postcode and they provide a similar level of convenience when it comes to commuting.

Leaflet Distribution SW11

SW11 is also home to the famous Battersea Power station. It is a massive structure that could house both Trafalgar Square and St.Paul's Cathedral that has become a cultural landmark and has been included on the artwork of the famous Animals album by Pink Floyd. During the second world war it has made Battersea a prime target and due to the level of destruction in the area SW11 struggled to get back on it's feet for a while. This was also contributed to by the outflow of heavy industry from the capital. In the near future the Battersea Power Station will be transformed to residential properties and will house some of the UK's most famous entertainers and businessmen.
SW11 has mostly been rejuvenated fairly recently thanks to the large numbers of young city professionals moving here due to lower property prices compared to some more central areas north of the river.

SW11 is mostly a relatively easy to deliver area when it comes to leaflet distribution. Especially the southern part of the postcode. Some of the more challenging areas here like the Winstanley Estate have been carefully mapped out and assessed by us excluding all undeliverable homes, local authority housing and businesses.

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