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Leaflet Distribution in Barnes SW13

Leaflet Distribution SW13

Barnes is an interesting area in that, in contrast to most of our delivery areas, it actually has a slightly higher than average proportion of people aged 45 or over, albeit only a very small one. Just under two thirds of households are either one-person households or couples without children whereas about a quarter are couples with children, the latter being slightly above the London average. About three quarters of residents describe themselves as associate professionals, professionals, managers or directors and average income is about 50% higher than London as a whole. Famous residents past and present include Joss Ackland, Rik Mayall, Gustav Holst and Brian May. There is also a local monument to Marc Bolan who died in a car crash here.

What is the character of Barnes?

To all intents and purposes, Barnes is a bustling country village which just happens to sit beside a large city. Although it has its share of national chain stores, it has a huge number of independent shops and markets as well as well-respected local arts venues such as the Bull's Head Pub, often held to be South London's answer to Ronnie Scott's. In spite of its rural character, Barnes has a music pedigree to rival anywhere else in London, even the music Mecca of Brixton and has close links to a huge range of the world's most famous bands and musicians from the Beatles to Bjork via David Bowie and Madonna. Much of the local housing dates to the 18th and 19th centuries and part of Barnes is considered a conservation area. As well as being next to the Thames, it is surrounded by some of the loveliest countryside in the area.
Leaflet Distribution in SW13

How can you help me with leaflet distribution in Barnes?

We give you precise figures for your print run. While Barnes is full of buildings from the 18th and 19th centuries, many of these are now, of course, flats. We make sure to check not only how many buildings are in a street, but how many individual homes are in a building. We also trim off the less affluent parts of the area. This is the only way to ensure cost-effective leaflet delivery in Barnes.

Our operatives are paid to take the time they need to do the job properly, i.e. going up and down all the flights of stairs to put each and every leaflet through each and every letter box.

They are also trained in the TPP perfect-delivery technique which makes sure that every leaflet arrives in perfect condition every time and with access to our TPP Mercury system, you can check this for yourself at any time.


Ealing and the general area of W13 is one of the more appropriate London areas to run leaflet distribution in. A rather large percentage of homes in W13 are terraced or semi detached houses with very clear letterboxes and active households. Compared to some areas for example in South-East London W13 is any distributors paradise.
In a very easy to deliver and target area like this consistency and repetition will be key to a successful leaflet distribution campaign.
Running multiple leaflet drops with 3-5 weeks in between is a guaranteed way to maximise your response rates. There are very few ways as effective as repeated leaflet drops in making sure that all local residents know about the existence of your business.
W13 is no exception.