Monthly Archives: June 2022

How to get more clients for a beauty salon with leaflets distribution

Introduction Beauty salons have many promotion techniques available to them. With the visual focus of many social media platforms a good online presence with some talent in photography can theoretically be very beneficial for a beauty salon. A lot of these online options however tend to be quite crowded and standing out on a platform…
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Examples of good leaflet design

Introduction The design of your flyer is one of the most important elements in the success of your campaign. Good targeting, timing and delivery are all crucial but without good design you will never get optimal results. A bad design can easily sink an otherwise perfectly good campaign. Table of contents 1. General principles 2.…
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Flyer delivery for pest control companies

Introduction In a large city like London pests are a reality everyone has to deal with from time to time. Whether we are talking about business premises or households almost everyone will need pest control services at some point. Good advertising makes sure that your pest control company is on the list of places to…
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