Monthly Archives: December 2021

Estate agent leaflet ideas that will boost your sales

Estate agents have been using leaflet distribution to generate business in London for decades. It has proven to be a reliable, effective and efficient way to build brand, generate leads and to sustain an estate agent office through changes in the market and technology. This has been the case in 1980, 1990, 2010, 2019 and…
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How to advertise as a private tutor in London

Reading time: 8 minutes 1. Select the right area 2. Customise your advertising 3. Keep your message simple 4. Use offline advertising 5. Use flyer delivery 6. Don’t stress about the logistics 7. Use the help of professionals 8. Combine multiple methods One of the most important elements of advertising as a private tutor is…
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Advantages of direct mail marketing

Reading time: 7 minutes Every marketing method that is widely used has some advantages and disadvantages. You can target your online ads very well to people with specific interests. Same can still apply to print advertising in some specialised magazines. Outdoor advertising when done right can be a good source of mind share, the same…
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