Monthly Archives: September 2021

Why is real world marketing still effective

Most online conversations about marketing in the modern world focus largely on online advertising. Google ads, Youtube ads, Influencer marketing, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and more. Online marketing is definitely a topic that is worth exploring, learning about and practicing. Most businesses can benefit from its use greatly. However as a large proportion of the marketers…
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How to get plumbing customers

Competition in the plumbing business in London has always been high. Whether one is running a larger plumbing company or operating as a one-man-band the fight for customers is real. With that said it is clear that having a well constructed advertising strategy that can keep a healthy influx of new customers coming in is…
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10 ways to increase your leaflet distribution success rates

Companies based in London that are looking to service their local market have been using leaflet distribution with great success rates for decades. In our previous blogs we’ve talked about how people have used leaflets to spread ideas for centuries. From our other writings it is clear that leaflet distribution is an effective tool to…
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